The Witcher 3 Give Reginald the Potion: In the Shadow of the Eternal Fire

Witcher 3 Give Reginald the Potion – Due to the increasing popularity of The Witcher Netflix series, the makers of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt decided to include a new side quest, “In the Eternal Fire’s Shadow,” alongside their next-generation update. Here you will discover all quest-related information, including a detailed explanation of completing and obtaining the complete Netflix Witcher Gear.

Witcher 3 Give Reginald The Potion

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How to Begin In the Shadow of the Eternal Fire – Quest Level: 15

To begin the Netflix-inspired quest “In the Eternal Fire’s Shadow,” you must travel to Velen’s northeastern island, west of Oxenfurt and southeast of the Velen-Novikrud Border Post. The closest location with Fast Travel would be Mulrydale.

From the village, travel east until you hear a man’s frantic prayer outside the fabled Devil’s Pit, an abandoned mine said to be haunted by a pestilence-spreading ghost. In exchange for cash, the man, who turned out to be a deacon of the Church of the Eternal Fire, requested that Geralt deal with the cause of this plague.

After receiving some information from the deacon, you will have the ability to negotiate your rate. Increasing the deacon’s remuneration to 270 will irritate him significantly; therefore, you should aim for 250.

After you have concluded your payment, the deacon will hand Geralt the key to the mine’s entrance.

Open the Mine’s Entrance

Prepare for combat with the deserters who have taken control of the mine. You can investigate the corpse outside the first gate to learn more about the deserters responsible for his death.

  • There are five Deserters on level 9 just outside the entrance to the mine. Kill them and enter the building.

Explore the Mine (Witcher 3 Give Reginald the Potion)

The message on the desk, the Torch, and the Greater Glyph of Yrden can be looted from a small platform atop a short ledge to the right of the door. Reinald’s Note mentioned the creatures lurking in the mine, which he suspected were plague victims.

  • Due to the dim lighting in the mine, it is recommended that you pick up the Torch if you still need to craft the Cat Potion.

Continue travelling until you see the Note affixed to the wooden gate with a rusty knife. Proceed through the mine until the trail splits in two. Even if the voice instructs you to turn right, continue straight by following the Wolf School emblems on the ground. You will return in that direction in the future.

Continue along this path past the wooden footbridge. Activating your Witcher senses in this location will show the crumbling brick wall. Keira’s Magic Lamp can also reveal the secret despite not being required. Utilize Aard to breach the wall and inspect the corpses within.

Go opposite the brick wall, descend, and enter the doorway bearing a second Wolf School emblem. Another victim of the Scarlet Rot disintegrates into the air if you attempt to touch him.

  • This portion of the mine is incredibly dark; use the Cat potion or equip a torch to see the clues using your witcher senses easily.

Continue exploring the mine until you reach the abandoned laboratory. Collect the Testament of the Forgotten Priest from one of the desks. To cross the broken bridge, you must run and leap over the chasm. If you fall, you will only sustain minor injuries.

The voice will warn you to turn around as you approach the mine’s deepest section. Take a moment to relax and refresh any essential potions. Enter the pit and engage the four Plague Victims of Level 14 in combat. They fight similarly to human foes but are marginally more powerful.

After beating them, ascend the ramp, sprint, and leap to grasp the ledge before descending. In this small room, you can shatter a door with Aard; enter the room and take the Note. This Note contains the information required to battle the quest’s boss.

Witcher 3

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Read Red Miasmal’s Entry and Put Together Reinald’s Philter

Open your bestiary and read the entry for the Red Miasmal under the Spectre tab. Then, click the Alchemy tab to create Reinald’s Philter. These are the necessary ingredients:

  • 1x Dwarven Spirit
  • Four times Celandine
  • 1x Reinald’s Material

Explore the Remainder of the Mine

Follow the passageways downward and be aware of the Plague Victim awaiting your descent from the stairway. The next room contains three Plague Victims; eliminate them and go until you reach a double door with Reinald’s Fifth Letter.

Free Reinald

Utilize Aard to release Reinald from prison. Following the cutscenes, you will be presented with several alternatives, but only the first two will alter the path of the battle.

Refusing to give him the potion will make the fight more accessible, but if you want to make it more difficult, give him the potion.

Reinald Boss Fight

Combating Possessed Reinald is relatively straightforward. However, he utilizes a high level of Quen to deflect your blows. When he uses this ability, please take a minute to let his barrier diminish before continuing to assault him.

After his loss, the Red Miasmal will leave his body, and the second part of the battle will commence. The Red Miasmal is an easier opponent than Reinald. If you close the distance between Geralt and the phantom, it won’t unleash its ranged assault that spreads across the floor against you.

  • When its health reaches 50%, it will teleport to a nearby corner and call two Plague Victims to battle you. When its health comes to 25%, it will repeat its attack.

Follow the discussion until you acquire the Forgotten Wolf School Witcher Gear Diagrams after defeating the Red Miasmal.

Reinald’s Fate – Witcher 3 Give Reginald the Potion

Witcher 3 Give Reginald the Potion – Reinald’s ghost must be banished to eliminate the plague’s source permanently. After receiving the diagrams after the dialogue, please select the option to retrieve the deacon so Reinald can speak with him.

You must adhere to the Witcher‘s ethically ambiguous options to achieve the best potential ending. To accomplish this, select the following conversation options when presented:

Not every priest is evil.

  • Good deeds do not require a church or priest.

While this is the end of the mission, you can discover the updated schematics for the Forgotten Wolf School Gear in Kaer Morhen. Here is our guide on fully upgrading the Witcher Gear inspired by Netflix.

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