When Does The Female Berserker Become Available on Lost Ark?

When Does The Female Berserker Become Available on Lost Ark?

When Does The Female Berserker Become Available on Lost Ark? In this article, every known truth concerning this topic is explained in depth.

Players have long desired a female Berserker class in the Lost Ark series. Possible addition of a female Berserker class to the next sequel.

It is one of the game’s most desired classes. But before we examine its particulars, let’s examine how it will function in the game. She would likely resemble a male Berserker in gameplay, with a few important distinctions.

The gender-segregated classes in Lost Ark have generated much debate. Numerous players have complained about the lack of female classes and the preponderance of suggestive female attire.

Smilegate, the game’s developer, has addressed the issues in a blog post and is trying to add a female Berserker to the game. There are female classes in several other games, but no female Berserker exists in Lost Ark.

In Lost Ark, a female Berserker has the same statistics as a male Berserker. Her HP has been raised, but she has become somewhat weaker. She can heal herself, although her damage is substantially more minor than that of a male. In addition, the female Berserker possesses a unique ability. Her special ability interrupts enemy assaults, which is excellent for protecting allies. And her arsenal is impressive!

When Will The Female Berserker Arrive At The Lost Ark?

We can’t really pin it down to anything specific, unfortunately. While the Western release date for Lost Ark has yet to be established, the Female Berserker will be playable in the Korean version beginning in 2022. The female Berserker will undoubtedly reach a Western release after her Korean debut.

The female Berserker debuted for the first time during the Lost Ark 2021 Winter Festival. If the Berserker is a common choice, then its female equivalent should arrive early.