This Is Why You Cannot Escape Ranni’s Rise in Elden Ring

There are numerous side tasks to uncover and accomplish in Elden Ring, some of which are longer than others. Some may require finding one item for a person, while others need you to complete numerous steps. You pick what to do next, which is the most entertaining feature of the game. One question is why you must stay in Ranni’s Rise.


If you attempt to leave Ranni’s Rise after speaking with Ranni at the top of the tower, you must first talk with all the ghosts beneath. Once you’ve spoken with everyone, return to Ranni at the summit, and she’ll tell you to continue your mission.


It needs to be clarified initially, but Ranni is the only reason you cannot leave. She obstructed the entrance until you’d spoken with everyone in the tower. Whatever you decide to do after that is entirely up to you. It can be frustrating when a game doesn’t tell you what to do and doesn’t hold your hand. Some individuals dislike this, but the majority accept the challenge.


You can track what specific NPCs say if you own a journal nearby as you play. They will remember if you write it down, which can help determine the next step. If you are annoyed that the game does not inform you, you must get over it. This is how FromSoft intended for us to play.

Is Ranni’s Questline long?

Ranni’s questline is one of the game’s longest. Its distinct regions can only be accessed after completing its mission. The quest is also the longest questline that has an associated achievement. If you meet her questline, you will receive the Dark Moon Greatsword, a replica of the Moonlight Greatsword from the Dark Souls series.


Both Sekiro and the Dark Souls series have several references. In addition to being a reward for finishing the questline, summoning Ranni provides one of the game’s satisfying conclusions. It is worthwhile to complete her quest due to the additional bosses and regions you can access.


Most questlines in the game are worthwhile since the longer-running quests offer precious prizes. You will receive Ancient Dragon Smithing Stones, Legendary weaponry, Spells, Incantations, and an abundance of other incredible stuff. Before commencing the task, ensure that you know what you’re doing.