The Modern Warzone 2 Season 1 Reloaded Patch Notes Include The Shipment Map, Kastov-74u Balance Adjustment, Vel-47 Balance Increase, And More

Call of Duty: Modern Warzone 2 season 1 reloaded patch notes, the most recent installment in the Call of Duty video game franchise, was just recently made available to gamers worldwide, which has fuelled the excitement of fans in anticipation of the impending premiere season.

Warzone 2 Season 1 Reloaded Patch Notes

Warzone 2 Season 1 Reloaded Patch Notes – Screenshot by Buddy System Games

Infinity Ward has released a preview of the midseason update for Modern Warzone 2 season 1 reloaded patch notes just in time for the commencement of the first significant season. The update will be available for both games somewhere in the second half of the year.

Raven Software has released the patch notes for the significant midseason update to Call of Duty Warzone 2 season 1 reloaded patch notes Reloaded. New to Season 1 Reloaded is an assault rifle and another operator. Additional improvements include a new XP token menu, bug fixes, and nerfs to riot shields and the game’s overpowering AI.

The developer reportedly fixed lighting and shadow issues at multiple essential landmarks in the Al Mizrah region. DMZ mode now includes a previously unexplored facility with the cryptic moniker “DMZ Building 21,” which players must find and unlock independently.


Episode 1 of Raid from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is playing

After increasing the number of operational Strongholds from three to five, the AI foes should no longer seem powerful. Their bullets now do 26% less damage, and there is 50% less AI at each spot. Also, the size of the waves has been reduced by 30%, and the AI reinforcements have been weakened so that there is more downtime between waves of opponents.

As part of Warfare 2’s overall adjustment to weapon power, pistols like the Akimbo P890, X12, Basilisk, and.50 GS have been nerfed, dealing less damage to heavily armored foes. The riot shield’s mobility has been slowed; it now takes three hits to kill while wielded. The patch notes are cryptic on the changes made to attachment tuning, only saying that “most beneficial tuning value magnitudes have been increased, while certain harmful tuning value magnitudes have been decreased.”

The advantages of the DMZ mode are increasing. Players that have extracted many times in succession will receive random match bonuses. First aid kits in the DMZ now have a higher chance of spawning plate carriers, backpacks, and field upgrades, and self-revives, gas masks, and field upgrades now spawn more frequently.

Several flaws affecting the ability to join or be invited to a party have been fixed, and the XP token menu has been changed to make the overall experience more pleasant in both game types. Finally, the remaining XP tokens are shown in the XP tokens menu.

It was initially announced that Warfare 2’s Combat Record feature would debut with Season 1 Reloaded, but the patch notes show this will not be the case. Raven Software cites worries regarding the accuracy of the data population as the reason for this delay. The creator promises a new version will be released as soon as it’s ready.

The update includes several changes, including audio-related ones and solutions for exploits and other problems. Below, you’ll find Raven Software’s complete patch notes.

During Season 1 Reloaded, there will be a special soccer mode called the Warfare Cup, and we have all the details you need right here.

This article will discuss the significant alterations implemented in the Modern Warfare 2 Winter Update.


What you need to know is below Reloaded Patch Notes for Season 1 of Modern Warfare 2

Warzone 2 Season 1 Reloaded Patch Notes : The first season of MW2 will include a ton of content, and it looks like gamers will be busy for a long time, if not until Season 2.

In the following, we will review all the relevant patch notes on the website.

Shipment map, Kastov-74u nerf, Vel-47 buff, and other changes are detailed in the MW2 Season 1 Reloaded patch notes.


GENERAL OVERVIEW of Warzone 2 Season 1 Reloaded Patch Notes

  • It is expected that Gaz and Klaus will arrive in town. Gaz, a member of Task Force 141, and Klaus, a living legend, are in the running to join the already-impressive cast of Operators.
  • Make sure to keep a low profile tonight. The new Chimera weapon, which will be made available around the middle of the season, has been purpose-built for covert missions.
  • Don’t simply squad up; group up. Thanks to our brand-new Social Feature, you can now meet other community members who share interests both in and outside the game.


The Modern Warzone 2 Season 1 Reloaded Patch Notes Reloaded

The Modern Warzone 2 Season 1 Reloaded Patch Notes Reloaded – Screenshot by Buddy System Games

Both Gaz and Klaus are the New Operators

Kyle “Gaz” Garrick

Gaz, who worked as price’s right-hand man, rose to fame in 2019 after his courageous actions during an assault on Piccadilly Circus caught the eye of the mighty captain of the SAS Bravo Team. Ultimately, he became a member of Task Force 141, known as price’s elite team.

Gaz had a crucial role in the Modern Warfare II Campaign, which involved the rescue of CIA officer Kate Laswell from Al Qatala. Now, he will be working alongside Price, Ghost, and Soap, in addition to their ally Farah, as part of Red Team 141 to assist SpecGru in their efforts to keep the peace across the planet.

The “Convoy” Skin for Gaz may be unlocked once the Atomgrad Special Ops Raid has been completed. They are additionally offered in the Store as part of a Bundle with the “Aquatic” Skin. The “Grass Ops” Skin is an additional prize that may be obtained by players who successfully finish the Raid and purchase the Bundle.

Klaus Fisker

As a Denmark’s Elite Special Forces member, Klaus Fisker is so highly regarded in the community of Operators that he is practically a living legend.

Some people believe that he had scotopic vision, another name for natural night vision, that was strong enough to allow him to traverse a mile in complete darkness before he was old enough to read. Others witnessed his extraordinary training record and saw him leading his peers through exercises with unabashed optimism.

But one night on the Urzikstan border, his legacy was solidified when he transported a wounded comrade 18 miles to the nearest base utilizing the teachings taught to him by his father… and with the assistance of a substantial amount of chocolate that the wounded soldier carried with him.

Unlocking instructions can be found in-game by purchasing the Klaus Operator Bundle from the Store.

Chimera, the brand-new weapon.

Operators now have access to a formidable Primary Weapon included as part of the Bruen Ops Platform: an assault rifle. Stealth engagements are ideal for this weapon.

“Boasting a built-in suppressor in addition to a low-speed, high-energy subsonic.

The Chimera has a capacity of 300 Blackout bullets and excels in battle at close range. Subsonic ammunition can conceal kill skulls from the opposing team.

This weapon was developed specifically to ensure that Operators remain entirely untraceable. The Chimera is helpful against both opponent Operators and agents because it does not leave visible tracers, has hidden skull indications, and suppresses fire. Enemy agents are less attentive and coordinated when it comes to silent attacks. Therefore the Chimera can take advantage of this.

Even though its effective range is shorter than that of most assault rifles, the Chimera is a more robust and quieter alternative to the faster-firing M13B, which is based on the same platform. The Chimera’s effective range is far less than most assault rifles. This is because the Chimera possesses a more limited scope of practical applications, which is why this is the case. As long as the Operator controlling it can maintain its aim, the Chimera has the potential to be a versatile force in most close-quarters and medium-range encounters. Because of this, it could be a helpful addition to an Overkill Loadout when combined with a rifle or LMG intended for greater distances.

How to unlock: You can complete a Weapon Challenge or purchase a Store Bundle

What’s in Store: Special Offers on Bundles

Along with the TRACER PACK: Klaus Operator Bundle and the three limited-time Operator Bundles for Modern Warfare FC, the Store will be stocked with an abundance of new Bundles.

You’ll soon be able to buy these brand-new Bundles.

The Year of the Rabbit Bundle and the Dune Stalker Starter Pack are just two examples of new bundles that have been made accessible to customers.

Pro Pack: Dune Stalker

The Dune Stalker Starter Pack, which can be purchased for the suggested retail price of $9.99 (or the equivalent in your country), is an excellent all-around entry point for constructing an arsenal after the midseason update.

It comes with the “Muddled Up” APC Vehicle Skin, the “Golden Beetle” Weapon Charm, and the “Desert Starter Pack” Animated Emblem. The “Scarab” SMG is based on the M4’s high-capacity, close-range option, and the “Duster” Sniper Rifle is based on the “Duster” Sniper Rifle. Both of these blueprints can be found in the ”

In addition, you will receive 1,100 Call of Duty® Points, sufficient for one season’s worth of access to the Battle Pass.

This is the Year of the Rabbit.

Use this Bundle, which is based on the fourth zodiac symbol of the 12-year cycle, to celebrate the beginning of the Chinese New Year.

The “Dash of Luck” high-capacity SMG and the “Tokki,” based on the new weapon available within this midseason update, are the two Weapon Blueprints included in this Bundle. The “Zodiac Rabbit” Operator Skin for Zimo is also included in this Bundle. Both of these items are the highlights of this Bundle. In addition, it comes with two Animated Emblems and two Weapon Charms, named “Year of the Rabbit” and “Fortune Punch,” respectively.

A Current Account of the Conflict

With the release of Season 01 Reloaded, Warfare 2.0 Combat Records will become available online. Only statistics from the activation date forward will be included in the Warfare 2.0 Combat Record; statistics from the premiere of Season 1 to Season 01 Reloaded will not be included in the Warfare 2.0 Combat Record (November 16 to December 14).

Modern Warzone 2 Season 1 Reloaded Patch Notes details include a shipment map, a nerf for the Kastov-74u, a buff for the Vel-47, and other changes

Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer mode has been updated, as described in the Modern Warzone 2 Season 1 Reloaded Patch Notes.

Activision launched Modern Warfare 2 and Warfare 2 DLC in mid-November. New weapons, Operators, and a revamped Battle Pass system were included.

Season 2 should release in early February, according to the Battle Pass clock.

Midseason brings new content and gameplay upgrades before a new season begins.

When does Season 1 of MW2 Reloaded begin, and what time?

There is only a little time left till the first midseason update for Modern Warfare Season 1.

On Wednesday, December 14, at 10:00 am PT, players can plunge into Season 1 again after downloading a patch.

The first Special Operations Raid in Modern Warfare 2 is now available on Season 1 Reloaded.

Operation ACTIVISION BLIZZARD: A Special Ops Raid

The first Special Ops Raid in the game takes place in Atomgrad, where players can team up with two other players to help Price, Farah, and Gaz uncover the secrets of “a well defended enemy complex.”

Following the campaign’s events in Modern Warzone 2 Season 1, the Raid focuses on Price, Farah, and Gaz as they search for the rest of their squad.

Participants who stick with the “grim” mission to the end will be rewarded with discovering an underground bunker that the trio has been searching for.

After the Raid is completed, a new Operator will be available in Multiplayer, Special Ops, and Warfare 2.

A “harder difficulty playlist” is another perk for completing the Raid.

To assist you in succeeding in the Raid, be sure to read our comprehensive guide.

Deliveries in Multiplayer Are Coming Soon!

The multiplayer experience in Modern Warzone 2 Season 1 Reloaded Patch Notes has a new take on the classic cargo map.

As soon as it starts, players will be transported to a cargo ship “taking on water in a storm-ridden section of the Atlantic Ocean.”

As stated in a COD blog post, this specific map will be included in Playlists for the remainder of Season 1.

World War 2: Season 1 Reloaded

Delivery of ACTIVISION BLIZZARD for the Holidays

The cargo ship’s main deck will be decorated with holiday decorations from December 21, 2022, through January 4, 2023.

There is little doubt that conflicts on the Shipment map will be more festive with its temporary Christmas makeover.

Activision Blizzard’s new social element, Groups, debuted in Modern Warzone 2 Season 1 Reloaded Patch Notes.

Forming New Groups

The new Groups function will make it simpler to quickly connect with like-minded players and recruit capable squad members for DMZ and Special Ops missions.

Groups can be accessed through the Social option in MW2 and Warfare 2, allowing players to join or establish communities of up to 5,000 individuals with the same interests and play styles.

The following tags apply to some of these situations:

Based on Call of Duty: Player preferences for Call of Duty modes, including Battle Royale, DMZ, and Multiplayer, and player experiences like “Veterans Only” and “New Player Friendly.”

Mood-based: Activities other than Work-Related Tasks, such as Recreational Activities, Video Games, or Sports.

Local: establishing the Group’s tenor by deciding things like when they play, how they play (whether they are serious competitors or just there for fun), and how they treat one another (e.g., weekend warriors or active daily).

Distinct types:

They were setting the table for their Group in the real world by indicating whether they were associated with a streamer or a Call of Duty League squad.

Details on all of Season 1’s reworked patches for MW2

The full patch notes for the December 14 update for Season 1 Reloaded can be seen below, as detailed in the official Call of the Duty blog post.

Cup Events in the Warfare

Warfare Cup is Season 01 Reloaded’s third and final football-themed feature after Modern Warfare FC Support a Team and three temporary Operator Bundles.

Weekend Bonus Experience Points (2)

MP3 Player 2XP from Sony:

  • Between 12/14 and 12/15 (10am PT), 2XP for all platforms:
  • From December 15 until December 19 at 10 am PT, you can earn double weapon experience on all platforms.
  • 12/15 – 12/19 (10am PT) (10am PT)


  • This is a new version of the popular 6v6 map.
  • When Season 01 Reloaded premieres, shipments begin arriving.
  • In the festive spirit, Shipment will feature a special Christmas playlist, The Naughty List, from December 21 through January 4.

Generally, people’s quality of life improves.

What percentage of your XP tokens are still available may now be seen on the lobby screen.

  • In-game pause menu access to equip Experience Point Tokens.
  • There is no way for XP Tokens to be unintentionally used during Double XP events.
  • It is no longer considered a loss for players to join a game in progress, even if their team loses.
  • In the attachment preview, a tuning icon now appears on attachments that can be adjusted and a lock icon on those that cannot.
  • You can now complete the Special Ops third-person daily challenge with as few as 30 kills, as Finishing Moves contribute to that total.
  • Stickerbook Challenges have been renamed “Calling Card Challenge” on the After Action Report box.
  • The length of operators’ profiles has been restored in its entirety.
  • In Gunsmith, a blinking icon will appear next to the weapon it is related to whenever a new blueprint is acquired.
  • When trying to buy CP, players on specific platforms will no longer experience a black screen.
  • Several bugs have been fixed, particularly those related to the display of statistics and unlocking weapons and attachments.


  • We’ve combined the Hub and Friends tabs.
  • Friend Player Cards are now displayed in a smaller widget.
  • Bulk buddy requests can be sent directly.
  • Various join and invite to party-related problems have been fixed.
  • The Friends list now automatically switches to Grid view as you navigate.


  • With the User Interface Changes to Filter/Sort, the Operators’ cameras are now positioned more optimally.
  • The Player Browser has been fixed so that it no longer scrolls if it isn’t complete.
  • There is no longer a problem with a player’s Calling Cards not being displayed in their Showcase once configured.
  • The advancement ordering for players in the Player Browser has been fixed.
  • When no attachments are installed, the Weapon Inspection nodes for those items are hidden.


  • Improved readability of member list states (muted, talking, connected, etc.).
  • Game channel text message recipient indications have been modified.
  • The team will now segregate member lists in lobbies.
  • I have corrected a bug that allowed players on a custom channel to hear those in the hall.
  • Group members can directly engage in textual communication with one another.


  • Utilize this brand-new social function to locate or form groups.

General Weapons Weight

  • The effectiveness of the Akimbo P890, X12, Basilisk, and.50 GS has been lowered in combat against armored foes.
  • An issue where shotguns would sometimes show the damaged armor hitmaker when using assault rifles has been resolved.

Assault Rifles


  • Movement speed, ADS speed, and the speed at which the user can sprint to fire have increased on the 32-round magazine.


  • Blocking Bruen B-M20 underbarrel launcher and shotgun

Kostov-74u :

  • Close damage is reduced slightly; three blows to kill necessitate at least one chest hit.

Kostov 545

  • Increase the velocity of the muzzle
  • A slight narrowing of the hip spread
  • Increase close damage
  • The chest damage multiplier has been increased.
  • The Akimbo P890, X12, Basilisk, and.50 GS have decreased their damage against armored foes.
  • Fixed an issue that caused shotguns to display the broken armor hitmaker inconsistently in some situations


  • Movement speed, ADS speed, and the pace at which the user may sprint to shoot have increased on the 32-round magazine.


  • Preventing the use of underbarrel launchers and shotguns with a 7″ Bruen B-M20 barrel


  • A slight decrease in damage at close range; you need three hits to kill, with at least one to the chest.

Kostov 545

  • Increase the velocity of the muzzle
  • A slight narrowing of the hip spread
  • Boost the damage done up close.
  • The chest damage multiplier has been increased.



  • A narrowing of the hip spread
  • Acceleration of movement has been granted.
  • Damage dealt at a distance has been ratcheted up.


Basilisk Revolver

  • A Basilisk blocks the FTAC ARROW’s flash hider and compensators.
  • To use muzzle attachments on the FTAC ARROW barrel: CRONIN DARK KX30, LOCKSHOT KT85, SA LEVELER 55

.50 GS Pistol Caliber

  • A narrower hip gap
  • The lengthened range for a single headshot
  • Widening of the impact area
  • Multipliers for harm in the cervical and scapular regions have been turned up.
  • Enhanced projectile speed
  • The improved effective range of the SA LONGSHOT – 50 and SA TYRANT FIFTY barrel


  • Players in full plate armor are no longer instant kills with a shotgun.

Expedite 12 Shotgun

Added TV CF40 Guard:

  • TV CF40 Guard
  • AZ-40 Shotguard
  • AZAROV T15


Riot Shield

  • Slowed down motion
  • Changed the death condition for melee attacks to three hits and enhanced the shield’s movement animation
  • Throwing knives take more time to draw when a riot shield is used.



  • Targeting a wall at the map’s edge will no longer result in a miss and an out-of-bounds landing.
  • Increased the thermal target’s readability



  • The Heavy Chopper now takes less impact damage, particularly upon landing.
  • Strengthen the UTV’s immune system so it can better withstand harm.
  • More harm is done when the ATV or UTV falls from a height.
  • All-Purpose Vehicles, Light Tanks, and Heavy Tank turrets now support user-defined rotation rates.
  • AI has been trained to deal more harm to both LTV variants.
  • Boats’ controllable distance when airborne is shortened.
  • Vehicle exits have been redesigned to make drivers less likely to become stuck on extremely steep terrain.
  • When a player in Ground War steals a vehicle from an opponent and drives it out of the enemy’s restricted area, they will no longer face the “out of limits” countdown.
  • The countdown will no longer display when the player enters a vehicle beyond the zone’s borders.

Improved Exposure of Allies

  • To prevent accidental identification of foes as comrades, ally nameplates vanish when an adversary is directly in the ally’s path.
  • This adjustment is not made for front-line allies in Tier 1 mode. Any friendly forces within line of sight will always identify themselves.


  • It is important to note that when employing the Cruise Missile, Chopper Gunner, or Gunship Care Package, a player killed in a one-life mode with reviving capabilities, such as Knock Out, will no longer be considered an active player.

Helping Hands

  • Players can no longer spawn in an area occupied by a medical supply, preventing instant kills.


  • Corrected a bug that prohibited players from summoning the MGB while riding the Juggernaut underwater


  • The Juggernaut’s transition from minigun to pistol when entering and leaving the water has been fixed.
  • Sticky explosives (Semtex, Drill Charge, etc.) should now do more damage to the Juggernaut.
  • Juggernauts should no longer perish from a single throwing knife in Tier 1


  • We’ve resolved an issue prohibiting explosives from damaging neutral and enemy vehicles.

Guardian Weapons

  • There is no longer a loophole that lets Sentry Guns be deployed under the map in specific areas.


Mobile Radar System

  • Portable radars can now mount on moving vehicles.


Protective Shield Against Radiation

  • Several operations, including slotting armor, are now rendered impossible using this gear.
  • This should fix the problem where some players lost their weapons or could not use particular objects.
  • Grenades made of thermite
  • If a person becomes stuck, dies, then respawns, the thermoses they wear will no longer be there.



  • We’ve bumped up the most helpful Tuning value magnitudes.
  • Several potentially dangerous Tuning value magnitudes have been reduced.


Thermal Optics

  • The scope of thermal target recognition in all optics was expanded.
  • When an enemy is slain, its heat signature gradually disappears.


  • Superior target acquisition thanks to enhanced thermal picture quality (including the Basileus Victus MXR blueprint from the Battlepass)


  • The GS.50’s rangefinder is a built-in accessory designed to fit snugly in the lens.

SZ HoloTerm

  • Visual and thermal rendering with higher contrast for easier target acquisition.
  • Integrated a temperature-based toggle

X9 Thermo-Optical

  • Better target acquisition thanks to enhanced contrast in optic thermal rendering



  • As a result, the contribution of default weapon attachments to stat graphs is no longer marked as a modification.
  • It keeps the default weapon’s progress bar from becoming red or green.
  • Errors in the spider diagram for adjusting attachments have been corrected.

Sniper weapon optics, Chimera barrels, Bryson 800 stocks, SP-R 208 stocks, SO-14 stocks, and LA-B 330 stocks were all plagued by the same problem.




  • Goggles and straps have been given contrasting colors to increase their visibility.


  • NYSE’s brand colors have been updated.


  • In the Battle Pass, gaining access to Sector A15 no longer causes the client to crash.
  • We’ve patched a bug that prevented previews of upcoming rewards from showing up in the Battle Pass.
  • Troubleshooting issue where sound would stop playing when the player began to skid.
  • Correction made, so players no longer lean out of moving cars when punched.


  • It improved the Shop Bundle previewing process by including 3D Operator and Blueprint models.


  • The issue with Dolby Atmos data not properly panning to ceiling speakers has been resolved.
  • While we look into continuity issues that have affected some players, we have kept audio occlusion turned off in multiplayer.


  • A bug that caused frame rate decreases in the Firing Range whenever accessing the menus has been fixed.
  • The problem of the controller vibrating when the game wasn’t the primary window (tabbed or minimized) has been resolved.
  • The in-game reminder to put on Night Vision Goggles has been repaired.


  • Tier 1
    • The problem with the minimap disappearing or disappearing too quickly after calling in a UAV or Advanced UAV has been fixed.
  • Invasion
    • Suppression Mines placed by allies of the AI will no longer be accidentally detonated.


Strategy Maps

  • Collision difficulties in Santa Sena have been resolved.
  • Vulnerabilities involving bullet collisions have been patched to prevent specific tactical camera exploits.

Core 6v6

  • Corrected several flaws in the tactical cameras
  • Issues with bullet penetration on several primary maps have been addressed.
  • Several bugs that allowed players access to forbidden places have been fixed.
  • Environmental issues involving fatal and tactical collisions have been resolved.
  • The private match mode for Shoot House has been restored.

Special Operations

  • If the timer for choosing a role has already expired, the game will end regardless of whether the player has picked a position.
  • The High Ground – Patch to Restore Chopper Gunner Physics
  • Mount Zaya’s Defender Key Access Fix:
  • They have fixed an extremely uncommon issue where a player’s progress in matchmaking could be lost if they joined an already matchmaking player in Defender Mt. Zaya.
  • Inconspicuous: Corrected daily challenge tracking for “run over 10 foes.”
  • A new pop-up message has been added to prevent players from repeatedly opening the same armor box.
  • The camera’s last stand zoom properly avoids clipping across walls and floors.
  • Correction made so that “drop ammo” works for the currently equipped weapon while the backpack is seen.


  • As of today, December 1, CDL Moshpit is accessible to the public. Fight in competitive 4v4 matches governed by the same rules as the Call of Duty League 2023.
    • Official CDL Competitive rules limit various weapons, attachments, equipment, perks, field upgrades, and streaks.
    • Gameplay Variants and Areas:
      • Game Types and Locations:
      • Scan, Identify, and Eliminate with the CDL
        • Al Bagra Citadel
        • Inn of Greenburgh
        • The Safe House
        • Embassy
        • Market of Souls, or Mercado Las Almas
      • Hardpoint for CDLs
        • Stronghold of Al Bagra
        • Accommodations at the Greenburgh
        • Embassy
        • Plaza de las Almas Market
        • Zarqa Hydroelectric Project
      • Disposition of CDLs
        • Al Bagra Citadel
        • Hotel Greenburgh
        • “The Safe House” (El Asilo)