Test of Courage Genshin Guide

The test of courage genshin is a new event and quest introduced in version 3.3 that tasks you with unravelling some shocking secrets in Chinju Forest to gain rewards and learn more about Inazuma’s past. Test of Courage genshin runs concurrently with Akitsu Kimodameshi, so if you still need to begin that event, you should do so first.

Test of Courage Genshin

Test of Courage Genshin – Screenshot by Buddy System Games

How to Begin Trial of Bravery

Genshin Test of Courage shares the exact prerequisites as Akitsu Kimodameshi, requiring Adventure Rank 30 and completing the first Act of Inazuma’s Archon Quest.

After meeting the prerequisites, the Test of Courage Genshin : Part 1 quest will be added to your quest journal.

Choose a Partner Character for the First Test of Courage

In Inazuma, visit the Kamisato Estate and speak with Ayato. He hires you and Paimon, then dispatches you to Chinju Forest. Arataki Itto stops you outside the estate and requests your assistance in organizing a competition for his unruly gang.

Follow the route south of Kamisato Estate into the forest, and chat with the shrine maiden you find there. After frightening poor Paimon, she informs you that three more Inazuma companions are around and that you must choose one of them to join your treasure hunt.

  • Ayaka
  • Gorou
  • Kazuha

However, the choice does not influence the progression of the mission. Your event companion recounts a brief story as you search for the quest item. Choose anybody you wish to socialize with!

Ensure you stroll carefully along the trail and stay focused while your companion relates their narrative. Otherwise, it disrupts the subtitles and throws off the dialogue.

Test of Courage 1 – Location of Dango Milk

Your objective is to locate Dango Milk by following signs put along the forest route, which sounds simple until the signs begin to lie. Follow the trail until you reach a signposted three-way crossroads. Follow the indications up the stairs on the left route until you get to a little shrine. There is Dango Milk present.

Itto reappears and requests your assistance in frightening his gang, but you’re all in for a surprise.

After the chat concludes and another surprising occurrence concludes, Heizou appears and informs you of a new beach game called Akitsu Yuugei. You must now travel there and investigate for yourself.

Test of Courage Genshin Guide

Test of Courage Genshin Guide – Screenshot by BuddySystemGames.Com

Test of Bravery 2 – Partner Selection

The second round of Test of Courage Genshin begins similarly to the initial game. To begin, return to Chinju Forest and chat with the Shrine Maiden.

This time, you can form a coalition with :

• Yoimiya

• Thoma

• Sayu

Similar to the first round, your partner choice solely affects the optional dialogue you hear during the task. Choose anybody you wish to hang out with, and appreciate the unfolding events.

Test of Courage 2 – Location of Fans

This time, you are tasked with locating a fan that Ayato hid in the jungle, and the trail has multiple forks. At the first junction, you should take the left path when the right way climbs up a flight of stairs. The right chest includes only a few cabbages.

Continue to the left at the subsequent fork and bridge the river. An occurrence occurs with the statue to your left. Turn right, then follow the signs until you reach the cliffside, where the fan is located.

After this, you leave Yoimiya and continue your search for Itto. After this interaction, a lengthy series of scenes will play, so ensure you have sufficient time to view them.

Once Itto has left, and you have a clearer understanding of what’s going on at the festival, it’s time for another game of Alitsuu Yugei on the beach.

The event quest develops across multiple days, so check back soon for a complete guide!