Should You Consider Joining Volcano Manor? Pros versus Cons

Elden Ring is filled with questlines to accomplish and decisions to make, but most people wonder whether it is detrimental to devote yourself to multiple things. When faced with such a dilemma, it is tough to determine whether it is worthwhile. The Volcano Manor provides one of these options, but is it helpful to join?

You ought to become a member of Volcano Manor. In addition, it provides access to one of the Shardbearer boss fights and lets you invade a random assortment of NPCs. It is a crucial quest chain that may be skipped, but completing it will bring you to the boss faster than if you didn’t.

You may need clarification as to why so many groups exist in these games when it comes to joining one. The choice to take part in the questline is entirely yours. Refrain from viewing it as a significant choice. Initiating every questline requires this method.

Should you become a member of Volcano Manor?

When comparing negative and positive outcomes, the positive results predominate. Tanith’s lengthy quest is the only reason I can think of to avoid beginning this quest chain. If you have yet to explore the Capital, completing each leg of the questline may take longer.

The questline is entertaining because you must hunt down and fight three distinct individuals. Later in this essay, we will discuss how to complete each section of the quest, but we will now discuss the pros and cons of beginning this questline.

The upsides and downsides of joining Volcano Manor are as follows:

There are a variety of advantages to beginning this quest. Not only does it need you to beat many Tarnished worldwide, but it also allows you to approach the Rykard battle much more quickly than if you explore the open terrain leading to Volcano Manor. Yes, you can enter the open region without beginning the quest, but you will miss out on the entire questline.

The Rykard battle is ultimately well worth the effort. If you decline the quest, you must locate the boss arena. The arena is difficult to identify; however, completing the questline will transfer you to its entrance.


There are no significant disadvantages to beginning the questline. You must join Volcano Manor to gain access to the NPC room. The sole negative consequence of joining is that Bernahl will be unhappy with you. He will not appreciate that you must hunt for other Tarnished, but there are no terrible penalties.

If you have discovered Volcano Manor and have been delaying joining, proceed. There are virtually no negative reasons to begin this questline, and you also have quick access to various exciting battles. Also, take your time with any long-term decisions. After defeating Rykard, you can obtain his Great Rune.

How can the Volcano Manor questline be completed?

The questline is relatively brief if you have explored most of the environment. Before beginning the adventure, you must locate Volcano Manor once you have entered the building. Then, you will want to speak with Tanith, the woman seated in the chair. Communicate with her and join Volcano Manor. You will be given a key to the hallway doors.

There is a door to the left, please use the one directly below it. Go inside and speak with all of the NPCs in the room. You will then need to retrieve the Letter from the table. This is your initial assignment. You will find a marker on your map directing you to the northern section of Limgrave. Here begins the initial phase of your quest.

Here are the steps required to accomplish the Volcano Manor questline:

1. Invade Old Knight Istvan

Old Knight Istvan is the first target that Volcano Manor has you seek. Find him by travelling far north of Limgrave and locating his Invasion sign. On your map, there will be a red sign in the vicinity of the location if you need assistance locating it. As soon as you reach the area, infiltrate his planet.

After entering his planet, you must defeat him. Because he uses a sword, he is relatively easy. Keep in mind that his assaults are quite swift and difficult to avoid. Try to maintain a distance and strike when there is an opening. Overall, he is the most straightforward opponent in this quest. In addition, he gives you a very good piece of armor after you fight him.

2. Attack Rileigh the Lazy

Once you’ve conquered Istvan, return to the Manor. Return to the NPC’s room and retrieve the second Letter Letter. This provides you with a new foe to locate and defeat. We do not understand why it is necessary to defeat these individuals, yet it is part of the journey. To discover Rileigh, you must travel to Altus Plateau.

His summon symbol may be discovered between two cliff faces in the central portion of the region. If you need help locating it, use your map. A red marker will direct you to your destination.

Once you’ve located the sign, you must summon and defeat him. He is more difficult than the preceding individual, but not excessively so. He holds a Scarlet Rot Dagger and a Crossbow, allowing him to deal damage regardless of your location. After defeating him, return to the Manor to find your next target.

3. Invade Juno Hoslow, the Blood Knight

Once you return to the Manor, speak with Tanith, who will congratulate you on a well-done job. Returning to the NPC’s chamber will reveal a new letter on the table. It will be the Red Letter and serve as your final obstacle before facing Rykard. This individual is far more challenging to locate since you must travel to the Mountaintop of the Giants to find them.

Check your map for the new marker, which is slightly harder to locate than the previous two. It would be best if you travelled to the enormous ice canyon in the centre of the mountain region and then headed west. Follow the walls along the cliff’s edge until you find a little cabin. The invasion sign will, after that, be visible on the ground.

This foe is by far the most difficult to defeat because of his whip. It possesses incredible speed and damage, as well as a fantastic range. It is swift and brutal to avoid. There have been numerous complaints about how difficult he is, yet for most individuals, he is not challenging. After defeating him, you receive a decent pair of armor and the whip.

4. Defeat the Lord of Blasphemy, Rykard

After defeating all three of Tanith’s enemies, you can now speak with her about meeting Rykard. She will then inquire whether you are prepared to face him, after which you will be whisked to a small room with a golden Mist door. Here you will find Rykard’s arena. Take the Serpent Hunter weapon on the left as soon as you enter the area.

Equip the weapon to defeat the colossal Serpent in the broad arena’s centre. After the health bar of the Serpent has been depleted, the true boss battle begins. It would be best if you traversed another health bar, except this time, it represents Rykard himself. The Serpent is his true nature.

After defeating his second phase, you will acquire his Great Rune and several Runes to upgrade yourself. Once you have activated the Site of Grace, you should rest there and observe Tanith consuming Rykard’s head. Upon speaking with her, the task will be accomplished. It is a peculiar quest but culminates in a thrilling boss battle.

Which NPCs inhabit Volcano Manor?

At the Volcano Manor, there is an abundance of NPCs to speak with. As mentioned above, there are many NPCs to converse within the room. Remember that some of these NPCs may not be present in your playthrough, as you may have defeated them earlier or made poor decisions that resulted in their absence.

There are all possible NPCs, so you shouldn’t be too concerned if you don’t discover one. It can be quite annoying, but if they aren’t there, you may have made a mistake early in the game. You can always play through the game again later and converse with each character.

The following NPCs are located at Volcano Manor:


She is the leader of Volcano Manor and the person with whom you must initiate the Volcano Manor questline. You can only enter the NPC chamber if you have joined the Manor. This means that the NPCs in the room and the entire questline are unavailable to you. It is possible to defeat Rykard without completing the quest, but you will not receive any rewards.

She is only ever seen in two locations. After completing the questline, she will be seated in her chair, guarded by the knight next to her, and eating off Rykard’s skull. She has a highly intriguing personality and is worth conversing with. Upon arrival, you must speak with her and join the Manor to gain access to the other NPCs in the area.


Most individuals who are familiar with the Dark Souls series recognize this individual. He is not simply a backstabber but also incredibly self-centred. He acts solely for his benefit, and nothing short of beating him the first time you see him will stop him. You will only find him in the Manor if you did not defeat him in Murkwater Cave.

Additionally, he would have had to push you off the cliff just before the Manor’s entrance. As said previously, he is a highly unpleasant individual. Indeed, he has a store, and meeting him here is the next step in his peculiar journey; if you have been fortunate enough to keep him alive, congratulations.

Knight Bernahl

Similar to Patches, Bernahl can be encountered quite early in the game. He can be found in a random shack near your first target. Located in a random shack north of Limgrave, he possesses one of the required weapons for the Legendary Armament award. He sells Ashes of War which can be located in the Manor’s NPC room.

He dislikes that you joined the Manor and promises to exact revenge on you in the future. He will invade you in Farum Azula later in the game, and you can fight him for his weapon. It is highly recommended that you visit his business before you defeat him for good, as he is a fascinating character.

RyaRya appears to be the least intriguing of the NPCs in the Manor, yet she has an extensive questline. If this is your first encounter with her at the Manor, you’ve missed out on a few things. Even yet, it is not impossible to complete the assignment. Her questline requires her to overcome several adversaries and explore the rest of Volcano Manor.

As previously stated, the first chamber on the right of the hallway contains a concealed wall that can be traversed. Then, you can explore the remainder of the Manor. It is a rather tricky location, so if you need more preparation, you should return later. Complete her quest chain, as it yields some very decent rewards.


Diallos is a most peculiar NPC. His questline is brief, but it ultimately leads to Jarburg. Jarburg is a tiny community inhabited by gentle Jar people. You meet this individual in the Roundtable Hold, where his adventure begins. You can find him later in the Manor’s NPC room and converse with him there.

This is required if you want to continue with his questline, but he only says a little bit about where he’s going. It’s okay to speak with him here, but he will provide you with some information you’ll need to accomplish his quest. Overall, he has an intriguing personality.