Scatterbug Pokémon Go Can be Shiny

Scatterbug pokémon go : Scatterbug, as well as its evolutions Spewpa and Vivillon, have made their Pokemon Go debut! On the other hand, these Bug-type Pokemon will not be found in the wild.

Scatterbug Pokémon Go

Scatterbug Pokémon Go – Screenshot by Buddy System Games

Open Gifts from your Pokemon Go pals and pin their Postcards to increase your chances of seeing a Scatterbug from a given region. Scatterbugs in each zone will evolve into Vivillons with distinct patterns!

Vivillon, Scatterbug, and Spewpa, Come to Pokémon GO!

Learn how to persuade Vivillon to wear various wing patterns by pinning Postcards from your pals.

Connect with players worldwide to capture a variety of magnificent Pokémon patterns, including the Pokémon GO debuts of Scatterbug, Spewpa, and Vivillon! Trainers can now find Vivillon with these designs on their wings by pinning Postcards from worldwide. Trainers can pin Postcards received from friends and Postcards collected from spinning PokéStops or Gyms.

By pinning Postcards from eligible regions, you can earn the Vivillon Collector medal and progress toward sub-medals linked with the Postcard’s origin region. Scatterbug encounters will occur as you move through these sub-medals. Depending on where the Postcards came from, these Scatterbug Pokémon Go will evolve into Vivillon with varied patterns. Scatterbug requires 25 Scatterbug Candy to become Spewpa, while Spewpa requires 100 Scatterbug Candy to become Vivillon.

Scatterbug Pokémon Go : Vivillon designs

The climate of Vivillon’s environment affects its patterns, and 18 patterns have been observed in Pokémon GO thus far. The whole list of habitats is shown here, and you can use the Pokédex or the Vivillon Collector medal page to see where various Vivillon designs may be found.

Vivillon habitats include Elegant Garden High Plains Continental Archipelago, Modern Monsoon Ocean Polar River Sandstorm Tundra Sun Savanna Icy Snow Jungle.

Send Postcards to pals and explore Vivillon’s numerous designs!

Scatterbug Pokémon Go Review

Scatterbug Pokémon Go Review – Screenshot by Buddy System Games

Is it possible for Scatterbug to be Shiny in Pokemon Go? – Answered Scatterbug Pokémon Go

Scatterbug Pokémon Go is a newcomer and it brings with it an entirely new mechanic. Vivillon’s final form, just as in the games, will have a variable wing pattern depending on the region chosen on your console when you catch it, except Scarlet and Violet, which will always have the same pattern. At the very least, it was previously an event-locked pattern, so that’s a victory.

The quirky element of this Pokemon is too ideal for it to be converted into Go; plus, 18 distinct Vivillion forms will make each one appear unique when you get them. Another method to make them even more remarkable is to have them as shinies. But can you catch them in this form in Pokemon Go?


Scatterbug can be Shiny in Pokemon Go

Scatterbug is still shiny-locked and cannot be encountered in the wild in its white variety. No matter how lucky you are on this specific day, each time you unlock an encounter with a new Scatterbug of a different Vivillon pattern, it will always be in its usual form.

When many postcards from a certain location are added to your Postcard book, a Scatterbug from that region will appear. When it transforms into a Vivillon, the design on its wings mimics the local environment. This means that you must add many postcards from a given location to your Postcard Book in order to catch this Scatterbug.

To acquire all 18 Vivillon designs that can occur in Pokémon Go, you will likely need to repeat this process numerous times. However, the glossy versions of these 18 Vivillon patterns have not yet been produced, so you have some time to wait for them to materialize. Therefore, we advise you to complete your current Vivillon collection prior to focusing on the glossy edition.

This is typical for Pokemon Go releases, so don’t be concerned. Shiny forms for the entire Scatterbug series will undoubtedly be added in the future, but a specific timetable has yet to be set. You may argue that Vivillion is already quite Shiny-like, but they will still add the true unique versions to the game.