Must the Erdree be consumed in Elden Ring? 4 Things to Do First

Elden Ring is FromSoftware’s largest game and contains many activities and locations. They took the idea of an open world and added the style of FromSoftware to it, which makes it different from most other games in the same genre.

In addition to the game’s intricate plot and overall growth, there is so much bonus content that it is easy to lose focus of the primary objective.

Regarding the main mission, as soon as you exit the introductory dungeon, you will see the broad green fields of Limgrave and the imposing Erdtree in the distance. You will soon be instructed to travel to the Erdtree and burn it in order to rectify the world’s dreadful predicament.

To move forward in the story, you have to burn the Erdtree. There’s no other way to move on, so it’s best to wait until you’ve done everything that won’t be possible once it’s burned.

You can do the following things before burning the Erdtree:

  • Complete your Quests
  • Find all of the endings
  • Explore the whole world

Must the Erdree be burned in Elden Ring?

As soon as you see the Erdtree and hear Melina’s instructions, you’ll realize that it’s a constant reminder that this is where you have to go. The most important thing in your messed-up life is to get to the tree’s base, face whatever challenge is waiting for you, and get into the tree to do something great for the Lands Between.

When you reach the Erdtree and have fought all the bosses that stood in your way, you won’t be able to get into the tree because of the thorns. Melina will tell you that you must burn the Erdtree with the Great Forge in the Mountaintops of the Giants to get past this barrier. You will have to walk through snow-covered peaks to get to the forge, where you will burn the tree. This will take you to the Broken Farum Azula and start the final part of the game.

We will only go into some detail because that might ruin your game’s story, but you will have to burn the tree to finish the game. Even so, once you burn the Erdtree, there will be some changes in the world that can’t be undone, and some of them will make it impossible for you to go to certain places. And since this is the end game, you should be ready and have finished or explored everything you might have missed up to this point.

Luckily, the game doesn’t end right after the Ertree burns down, so you’ll have time to cross things off your list before the end.

Things to do before you burn the Erdtree or reach the end of the Elden Ring

As was said above, there are many things to do before you burn the Erdtree and end the game. The following is within your capabilities:

Leyndell Royal Capital

The most notable alteration to the Lands Between will be the transformation of the Leyndell Royal Capital into the Leyndell Ashen Capital, which will be coated in sand. Because of this change, you will only be able to get to a few things and places in this place.

To ensure you get all these things, we suggest you thoroughly explore the Capital before you burn the Erdtree.


Many of the side quests and character quests in Elden Ring are tied to specific events and how the game is played. In typical FromSoft fashion, the game doesn’t tell you where the trigger points for these quests are, so you must be very careful when talking to NPCs or have done your homework for these specific points.

The most notable alteration to the Lands Between will be the transformation of the Leyndell Royal Capital into the Leyndell Ashen Capital, which will be buried by sand.

This is also true for every other questline, so make sure to finish them all before you reach the end of the game, or you will miss out on some important parts.


There are six endings to the game, and each one requires that certain quests are done and essential items are found. Burning the Erdtree starts the end game, so you need to know what endings you want before you do it. To do this, you must have finished the required questline.


Elden Ring’s world is huge, and every corner hides something, like bosses or sets of weapons and armour. Look at as much of the map as possible before you burn the Erdtree and end the game. If not, you will be need to begin from scratch. Some game items can only be used once per game, so it’s best to get them as soon as possible.

Before destroying the Erdtree and concluding the game, Elden Ring entails many tasks. You can do much more before setting fire to the Erdtree and ending the game. Make sure that you’ve done everything you can in Elden Ring. It will make your New Game+ work better and add to the game’s story.


What happens after the Erdtree is burned?

When the Erdtree is destroyed, Leyndell changes from the Royal Capital to the Ashen Capital. Most ways in and out of the sewers have been closed off, making them useless. But if you need to, you can still use the well in the lowest part of the Ashen Capital to get to the sewers.

Also, most of the NPCs in the Roundtable Hold will go away or die in the events that are coming up. Roderika and Smith are the only ones who don’t fit this description. Almost all of the quests in the game need to be fixed.

The first permanent game state happens when the Erdtree is destroyed.

What should you do after you burn down the Erdtree in Elden Ring?

After you burn down the Erdtree, you’ll be teleported to Crumbling Farum Azul. There is a chance of both tornadoes and dragons in the sky. It would be best if you beat the final boss in the Malikth area. The main story will continue after you beat the final boss in the Ashen Capital.

How to prepare to set fire to the Erdtree

Ensure you’ve done all the optional tasks before setting fire to the Erdtree. Do all the quests that involve random people. If you set fire to the Erdtree, several NPCs will disappear and be unable to do their jobs.

If you read everything on this website about “Do you have to burn the dead tree or not? You should be far better informed about what is occurring. Please share your thoughts on this material and ask any questions you may have in the area provided. If you think you’re in a tough spot, don’t be afraid to ask for help.


A big part of the world of the Elden Ring is a huge tree called the Erdtree. The Elden Ring gives the Erdtree its power, and its shape is also based on the Elden Ring. At a certain point in the game, players are asked to decide whether to burn down the Erdtree.

Even though there might be better choices than burning the Erdtree right away, there’s no way to avoid it. In this blog, we wanted to clear up the confusion of the masses and make it easier for them to choose. If this was useful, please indicate so in the comments.