Modern Warfare 2 Raid Code : How to decipher the Atomgrad Raid code for Call of Duty

Modern Warfare 2 Raid Code – The code puzzle is a formidable obstacle in The Atomgrad Raid. But don’t fret. We possess the answer!

The new season of Call of Duty (CoD) introduces the franchise’s first-ever Raid. Players continue the Modern Warfare II (MW2) story in The Atomgrad Raid, in which Price, Farah, and Gaz discover an underground bunker. The players are tasked with exploring the bunker and finding its mysteries, which requires them to engage in combat and solve various riddles. The coding puzzle is the first of many obstacles in the Atomgrad Raid, but we have the solution.

Modern Warfare 2 Raid Code

Modern Warfare 2 Raid Code – Screenshot by Buddy System Games

Cracking the Raid Code for Atomgrad in Call of Duty: World War II

Call of Duty : After conquering the bunker’s initial section, the Atomgrad Raid’s primary puzzle will become available to players. Atomgrad’s code puzzle appears numerous times throughout the Raid and is initially puzzling. Two rooms, each with CCTV cameras and a code machine, are accessible to the players. Each CCTV camera displays a code and symbols on its channel. The players will need to take turns punching codes into a machine based on the information found in the code rooms.

One of the two code rooms utilized during the Atomgrad Raid

These codes must be used in the code rooms to access the subsequent section. The code-entering device displays a combination of letters and symbols. This implies that players must take the codes from the machine and match them to the matching codes in the code rooms to obtain the three access codes needed to open the door.

Atomgrad Raid Availability Season 1 of MWOI includes the Atomgrad Raid, among other things. The Atomgrad Raid is not unlocked by default but can be unlocked by various methods. To unlock a Raid ticket, players must accomplish one of three challenges. There are challenges for each of the three primary game modes of MWII: Multiplayer, Warzone 2.0, and DMZ. The following are the difficulties:

  • Completing a specific Daily Challenge in Multiplayer or Special Ops – Placing in the top 20 of any Warzone 2.0 Battle Royale Playlist – Escaping the DMZ with at least $30,000 in cash

Once completed, players can access the Raid through the Special Ops menu as a group of three and attempt to complete it. Only one member of the party must possess a Raid pass.

The MW2 raid code and the solution to the Atomgrad number conundrum

The MW2 raid code is necessary to complete the Atomgrad Raid; however, deciphering this number puzzle is difficult unless you have the answer.

Atomgrad is the first Raid that requires the MW2 raid code. Modern Warfare 2’s three-player co-op experience picks off where the story left off, but you’ll need to find some friends beforehand, as there’s no matchmaking. The Atomgrad raid code is required to advance, similar to other game raids.

After receiving a mission for the first of many Modern Warfare 2 raids, you can enter Atomgrad. You progress through the Raid in one of the best first-person shooters of the year, listening to the characters instruct you on which attackers to eliminate and when until you approach a massive metal gate. Here, the Modern Warfare 2 raid code is applicable.

Modern Warfare 2 Raid Code in Call of Duty: World War II

Modern Warfare 2 Raid Code in Call of Duty: World War II – Screenshot by Buddy System Games

How to decipher the MW2 raid code conundrum

It is not as simple as providing everyone participating in the Atomgrad Raid with identical code since it involves teamwork and coordination among the three players in-game. Despite this, the solution can be described. When your mission is to locate the Echo crew and unlock the submarine’s doors, you’ll know you’re in the correct location.

First, you must assign a player to enter the metal shutter. Ensure that two players remain in the starting room by having one player hold the door open while the other passes through.

The symbols and numbers on the wall of Control Room B2 in Modern Warfare 2 indicate the raid code.

We recommend using a notepad and pen to take notes on this page, as it needs to be clarified. When the player enters the second room, security cameras will be there. You will notice three Cyrillic symbols and three numbers on the wall of Control Room B2 if you scroll through the cameras until you reach it.

Now, the two participants in the beginning room will also have surveillance cameras. You will encounter the same wall with different symbols and numbers in Control Room A2 if you have one player cycle through them until you reach it.

The final player will have a red terminal in a room’s corner. This will present three Cyrillic symbols. Consult with your teammates to determine which signs on the red terminal correlate to those on the walls. Enter the numbers into the machine in the same room as the terminal.

The red terminal displaying Cyrillic characters is the Modern Warfare 2 raid code

This merriment will carry on for some time after that. You must now enter a second code that follows the identical criteria but requires a different player’s fingerprint. There are currently four icons on the terminal; however, one is a red herring. Determine which three symbols are visible on both cameras and input them into the system.

Finally, you must repeat the process, but five symbols will be displayed on the terminal. However, there will still only be three matching codes via the security cameras, so have the third player who has yet to enter a code engage with the machine. At the same time, the other two relay the information via the cameras.

When all three codes are successfully input, voilà! In one of the finest PC games of 2022, the silo doors will open, and the remainder of the Raid can be completed.

We target the red room’s puzzle with the Modern Warfare 2 raid code

Second MW2 raid code puzzle answer

Unfortunately, you are not quite finished with the raid codes in Atomgrad. You’ll encounter a similar puzzle later in the Raid, although this time, you’ll be in the rooms themselves, as opposed to through security cameras.

Ensure that one player waits in the terminal room while the other two proceed to the rooms, including the wall-mounted codes. As was the case previously, the symbols and numbers must correspond so that the player with the terminal can enter them.

However, there is a catch: the players in the two chambers containing the codes must constantly defend themselves from enemies, and there is a time restriction to consider. If you input an incorrect code or do not enter it within the allotted time, the current code will be reset, and you will need to start over. However, you must return to the code you were on instead of the complete sequence. Once you’ve entered all three codes, the first Modern Warfare 2 raid’s puzzles will be resolved.

If you still need to complete all of the Modern Warfare 2 raid code and Spec Ops missions, you should do it as quickly as possible after completing the main story.