Mobile Legends Gameloop 7.1 Emulator Installation Instructions

Gameloop is a well-known gameloop pubg emulator. Step-by-step instructions for installing Mobile Legends on Gameloop are provided in this article.

Gameloop 7.1

Gameloop 7.1 – Image Via Buddysystemgames.Com

You may play various games on game loop, one of the most popular and my favorite android emulators for PC.

Mobile Legends is not available in the game loop app store. This guide will let you install and play Mobile Legends on Gameloop. The most recent version of the game loop is utilized in this lesson.

As a rebranded version of PUBG, Gameloop is famous for it. Previously, it was known as a Tencent gaming companion. Remember to verify the game loop system requirements before installing it.

Mobile Legends Gameloop 7.1 Installation Instructions

Install and play mobile legends on a PC using the Gameloop emulator by following the steps below.

Step 1: Open Gameloop

Open your gameloop emulator first. Download the Gameloop emulator from the official website if you do not already have it. Here’s the link:

Step 2 : Open the Google Play store.

Now, click “Me” in the top bar, scroll down, and select play store to access the play store. The gameloop emulator may be seen to be loading.

How To Install Pubg Lite On The Gameloop 7.1 Pubg Emulator

Gameloop Emulator Mobile Legend

Gameloop Emulator Mobile Legend – Screenshot By Buddy System Games

Step 3: Search Mobile Legends

Now, search for Mobile Legends on the Google Play Store, as shown below.

How To Set Up Mobile Legends On Gameloop 7.1

Step 4: Install Mobile Legends

Click “install” to install Mobile Legends Bang Bang on the Gameloop emulator.

How To Get Mobile Legends With Gameloop 7.1

Step 5: Open Mobile Legends

Click the play button to launch Mobile Legends after installation.

Finally, the installation of mobile tales is complete. Launch mobile legends in the game loop on PC and play the game. Please see the following note.

According to my thorough research, mobile Legends was taken off the game loop a few months ago at the request of its developers. At the moment, Mobile Legends can’t be played on the game loop. I suggest using Bluestacks for playing mobile legends.

Please don’t blame me if you read this and feel bad about it. I saved you time by not looking for fixes since the game loop eliminates the mobile legends emulator. Mobile Legends will show a dark screen when the game loops.


This is how to install mobile legends in Gameloop 7.1 in 2022 so that you may play mobile legends on your computer. I am using Gameloop most recent release.

You are utilizing BlueStacks to play Mobile Legends, which is unfortunate. If you need any help with our guide, please leave a comment below.