Map and Patterns for Pokemon Go Vivillon

Scatterbug and its evolutions Spewpa and Vivillon have made their Pokémon Go debut! These Bug-type Pokémon, however, will not be met in the wild. Postcards from across the world can be used to capture and evolve Scatterbug beginning on December 15, 2022. Use the Pokemon Go Vivillon Map and pattern table below to determine which Vivillon patterns correspond to each region.

The Map of Pokemon Go Vivillon Patterns

The Map of Pokemon Go Vivillon Patterns – Image via BUDDYSYSTEMGAMES.COM

Open Gifts from your Pokemon Go friends and pin their Postcards to encounter Scatterbugs from a given region. Each region’s Scatterbug evolves into Vivillon with a distinctive pattern!

Official Pokemon Go Vivillon Map

We recommend downloading and storing this Vivillon Patterns map in Pokémon GO. Niantic’s official map is displayed here. There is a good probability that a better, more detailed map created by the community may be available in the future, but for the time being, this is the best map available.

The Map of Pokemon Go Vivillon Patterns

Good luck catching Polar and Tundra patterns, but… Reddit has stepped up, and there is now a more convenient way to collect all Vivillon patterns.

Pattern Map of Pokemon Go Vivillon

There are a total of 18 Pokemon Go Vivillon patterns located around the globe! Pin a number of Postcards from a certain zone, and you will encounter a unique Scatterbug that evolves into one of the Vivillon Patterns depicted on the map.

You will discover that there is some crossover between the various Regions and Pokemon Go Vivillon Patterns. As a result, your specific position may place you in a different region than you might anticipate.

All Pokemon Go Vivillon Patterns

Pokemon Go Vivillon

Pokemon Go Vivillon – Image via BUDDYSYSTEMGAMES.COM

Above is a list of all Vivillon patterns that may be discovered in Pokemon Go, along with general estimates of where these patterns can be found.

You can also view the map of Pokemon Go Vivillon Habitat at any point in-game by:

  • Press the Player icon located in the bottom left corner.
  • The Medals area is located at the bottom of the “Me” menu.
  • Choose the Butterfly icon to access your Vivillon Collector Medal.

If you have not yet redeemed this Medal, it will be located at the bottom of the Medals page.

To examine Pokemon Go Vivillon Habitat information, click the magnifying glass icon adjacent to the global map image.