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Best Game Review 2023: “Little Bug” for the Switch, Xbox One, and PS4

A melancholy platforming journey in which you control two playable characters that share a physics-based swinging mechanism in real time. Nyah has the ability to walk and pick up objects, while her spirit light can soar and explore dark regions. Little Bug is a little platforming adventure that is charming and exasperating in equal measure. Even though the game’s aesthetics and surroundings are odd, I completed it in under 90 minutes, despite having moments where I wanted to give up. This game lives up to its tagline, “simple controls, sophisticated mechanics,” in spades.

Little Bug


Is the video game Little Bug fun to play?

What a beautiful game that was! What a significant era for visuals, the 1980s!

Fascinating gameplay

You are invited to play the game as Nyah and her incredible assistant. Because of their unique connection, a little girl can jump huge distances, break through barriers, kill dangerous creatures, and light the way to places that were once inaccessible.


Save Nyah from that terrible place. She’s an imaginative 8-year-old who got lost on the way home from school and ended up in the underworld. Nyah is going home from school when she is abruptly transported to a surreal realm where frightening ghosts dwell in unfathomable valleys, freezing caverns, and starry deserts. As you immerse yourself in this ominous, evocative atmosphere, you play as Nyah beside her spirit light. Will Nyah utilize her newfound light to find her way home, or will she become disoriented amidst the numerous horrors that lurk in the moonlight?


Explore a bizarre world laced with the fantastic and rely on your astute sidekick to take you somewhere the rest of us can’t go. Sort through Nyah’s lunchbox for clues to her backstory. You must decide what to bring on your journey and what to sacrifice to the cat spirit, Roadkill, in exchange for access to secret places with rare treasures and challenging monster encounters.

The Verdict

In the story “Little Bug,” a small girl gets lost and, with the help of a ghost, sets out on a journey to find her way back home. She’d like to revisit her mother but is unsure how. Its developers wanted to produce a “simple game with sophisticated gameplay.” The execution was perfect. Some checkpoints are too far apart, and the story could have been better without the awards for players who care about Nyah’s past. This is what I’ve been thinking about while playing. If some details are withheld, you can still piece together the narrative. The more time you spend with her story and learn about her past, the more interesting the game becomes.

Little Bug Games Review

Little Bug Games Review – Image by BUDDYSYSTEMGAMES.COM


Nyah has been whisked away to an alien world where sinister ghosts prowl the deserts and canyons at night while returning home from school. Take charge of Nyah and her spirit light to generate incredible swing speed in this action game. For the game’s sake, the player assumes the persona of Nyah’s ethereal light spirit. With the help of her free-flowing, supernatural spirit, Nyah can run, jump, and even swing to astounding heights.

Relating to this Game

Playing this game will show you examples of : There are a lot of checkpoints in the game, and you’ll need them.

  • Eldritch Location: The totality of the underworld.
  • Shine a Light on Them: Nyah’s spiritual illumination gives her a chance to survive in the netherworld.
  • Nintendo Hard: Certain difficulties become noticeable toward the game’s finish.
  • Control the simultaneous movements of two characters who swing using the same physical principle.
  • Explore secret areas to unearth rare artifacts and learn more about Nyah’s backstory.
  • For access to bonus levels with new tasks, you must give Roadkill the cat your valuables.

Ample checkpoints let you progress at your own pace: Nyah can wander around on the ground, picking up treasures, and her light can fly in any direction; the controls are simple, but the game’s mechanics are complex. You have simultaneous command over each of those. Creating a telekinetic beam between them will give them a vital link that will help Nyah get around obstacles, stop ghosts, and find places she couldn’t reach. Because disembodied spirits can appear anytime and harm Nyah or her light, you must collaborate with these two protagonists. As you progress through the forest and face new difficulties, you’ll pick up their play style naturally and quickly. Like most kids her age, our mind wanders on the bus journey home from school. My nightmares are filled with dismembered animals, odd orbs, and superpowered individuals. We must fix her environment after her mother scolds her for being late. The fight is for our movement’s foundation. But our little mascot isn’t exactly a juggernaut, so she always travels with a light sphere she uses as a lasso. We move her with the left stick and the orb, and pressing the trigger lets us grab her and launch her forward. This enables us safely move through the environment and get past any obstacles. This feature appeals to me throughout much of the game. The timing of the task was impeccable, and while we were limited in how far or how long we could go with the orb at once, the goal was still to search for the hidden treasures, she gathered along the journey packed into her lunchbox. These can be used as rewards for the game’s primary character, the dead cat.

Even though it was funny to use her as a swing to get across gaps or up and over ledges, the game quickly got annoying when the Buddy System Games moving obstacles were added. We need to move LB around and move the orb swiftly to fling her out of harm’s way when ghostly apparitions pursue her. It was challenging, not in a good sense, but in a “this is becoming awful now” way, to navigate a specific location where four separate hazards coexisted. Given the lack of a safe zone in the middle of the game, I spent as much effort on this one area as I had on the whole thing up to that moment.

After I finally got beyond this, I hit what turned out to be the game’s final problem, and I was stumped entirely because it felt like the developers were taking great pleasure in making us replay the same piece repeatedly. We have to guide her through a winding maze while also controlling the orb and positioning it at strategic checkpoints so that it can help one of our characters advance. The difficulty level was relatively high, but it would have been much more enjoyable if we hadn’t been forced to repeat the same tedious, time-consuming steps until we finally reached the puzzle section. If we waited to start running after a restart, our opponent would easily catch us before we got to the puzzle section, making our previous sprint pointless. I was about to give up here due to the monotony and frustration, but I forced myself to persevere by giving myself short pauses at strategic points.

These two spikes ruined a solid, if not vital, platformer. Even though Little Bug won’t get much attention from the general audience, it’s likely to be mildly entertaining for fans of more miniature independent games. At least the game is short (there’s a cheevo for finishing it in under 45 minutes), but the difficulty spikes in the game’s final stages are too much for me to handle, especially given the controls aren’t that responsive, to begin with.


Though it gets off to a solid start, Little Bug‘s odd controls and unpleasant difficulty spikes near the conclusion make it a tolerable recommendation for fans of more miniature indie games. There are many better options for anyone searching for a good platform game on Buddy System Games.