How to Treat and Defend Against Scarlet Rot in Elden Ring

Imagine entering the Swamp of Aeonia, ready to take on the world with your trusted Sword of Night and Flame, only to meet a horrible end at the hands of Scarlet Rot. Death must feel normal at this point, but it can be highly irritating to die from status issues rather than a gallant battle against a five-times-your-size monster.

There are now three techniques to treat Scarlet Rot and Poison in Elden Ring:

  • Utilizing Durable Boluses
  • Invoking the Cleanse Me Charm
  • Using Fast Travel
  • Despite this, the Scarlet Rot is more complex than it initially appears. So, we put together this complete guide to tell you everything you need to know about the status effect and every known way to get rid of it in the game.

What Is Scarlet Rot in Elden Ring Specifically?

The Scarlet Rot is a condition that can afflict both enemies and the player. Repeated ticks will ultimately apply the status effect as with any other impact. Similar to Poison, Scarlet Rot inflicts gradual damage on its target.

This damage scales with your current health. Poison deals damage at a slower pace but for a longer duration, whereas Scarlet Rot deals more significant damage at a faster rate but for a shorter time.

How Do You Increase Poison / Scarlet Rot Resistance in Elden Ring?

In the classic Elden Ring tradition, there is no practical way to acquire total tolerance to both Poison and the Scarlet Rot. You can increase your Immunity by adding points to your Vitality at each level.

While increasing the number of hits required to inflict the debuff on your character, increasing your Immunity does not lessen the damage you take once you have the debuff. Consequently, you will need to have a counter in mind when traversing places with a high probability of infecting you with any of these two status effects. You’ll eventually succumb to the status effect if you don’t take action.

How To Remove Scarlet Rot’s Status Effect in Elden Ring

As previously indicated, there are three various ways to alleviate your problems. As we progress, we will also describe our favorite. Nonetheless, it is crucial to highlight that each strategy effectively removes the status effect.

Regardless of the things or equipment you possess, you will be inflicted with Scarlet Rot. However, with the aid of these techniques, you will be able to overcome the condition until you find yourself in a similar predicament once more.

Travel Speed

This is the most straightforward method for removing the Scarlet Rot status effect. Nevertheless, it has its drawbacks. First, rapid transit will be unavailable during the fight. Therefore, swift travel will be of little assistance if you’re affected by a status condition and need to remove it immediately during combat.

Quick travel, however, will result in the map being reset. Therefore, employ this effectively!

Maintenance of Boluses

The Preserving Boluses, comprised of cave moss, prevent Scarlet Rot’s progression and eradicate it. There are three ways to get Preserving Boluses in the Elden Ring. In limited quantities, you can create, purchase, or discover seven dispersed over the landscape.

Finding Preserving Boluses

You will be able to find a total of seven Boluses without having to craft or trade for them. How to do it:

  • Proceed to the Rotting Shack in Caelid. In the leftmost hut, there are five Preserving Boluses.
  • Immediately after exiting the elevator at the Leyndell Rotal Capital, proceed to the room to find 1x Preserving Boluses.
  • You can locate a corpse containing 1x Preserving Boluses after taking the second lift in the Siofra River Well.

How To Acquire Preservative Boluses?

A single NPC in the game sells Preserving Boluses if you have exhausted all other alternatives. This NPC, the Nomadic Merchant, may be found in Caelid, close to the Aeonia Swamp Shore.

However, you can only purchase three Preserving Boluses from the vendor at approximately 2,500 apiece.

How to Construct Preservative Boluses?

Considering a more suitable and permanent treatment, given the number of times the Scarlet Rot’ll impact you during the game, is prudent. Gaining the capacity to create Preserving Boluses can eliminate all of your toxin-related issues, albeit inconveniently.

How to obtain Armorer’s Cookbook :

It would be best if you took both elevators to reach the Siofra River Bank, which is located inside the Siofra River Well.

After taking the second elevator, continue heading east until you locate a Site of Grace.

Once you’ve accomplished this, head west until you find the Armorers’ Cookbook.

You may hold a maximum of 99 Preserving Boluses at any given time.

After obtaining Armorer’s Cookbook , the following ingredients and crafting supplies will be required:

Name of Item Quantity

Dewkissed Herba three Crystal Cave Moss one Sacramental Bud one

If you do not know where to find these materials, here are some short suggestions:

The Academy, Lakeside Crystal, and Stillwater Caves all have Crystal Cave Moss.

Sacramental Bud: Sacramental Buds may be found mainly around the Nomadic Merchant on Mt. Gelmir Dewkissed Herba: Found in and around the edges of the Eternal City, it’s pretty easy to find!

With these ingredients at your disposal, you’ll be able to create as many preserving Boluses as you desire!

Cleanse Me Via Incantation With The Flame

Using the Incantation, Flames, Cleanse Me is the third and likely most straightforward and most successful approach to eliminate Scarlet Rot. Even during the Early Game, acquiring it is simple. The following is a list of the steps that you need to perform to complete this process:

  • The Artist’s Shack is located to the northwest.
  • From this location, proceed to the north and cross the Stone Bridge until you reach a camp near a huge tree.
  • Destruction of all Flame Sorcerers follows.
  • After obtaining these items, you’ll locate the Flame, Cleanse Me Incantation near the camp’s edge.

All Requirements Are Met

Once you have obtained the Incantation, you will require 12 Faith. Before you can activate it, you’ll also need a Seal, which is a minor inconvenience. In the early game, it can be challenging to get seals. So, here’s an easy way to obtain a Seal:

Hold a Roundtable Discussion

  • Make your way toward the alley located to the north.
  • Purchase the Finger Seal for 800 from the Twin Sisters.
  • While 800 may seem expensive at first, it’s a worthwhile sacrifice compared to the amount of aggravation you’ll experience having to explore the entire map in search of Preserving GBoluses or spending eons accumulating the necessary materials.

The Spell’s Activation

The moment of truth has arrived once all prerequisites have been satisfied. You must Memorize your spell at a Site of Grace before casting it. After doing so, equip your Seal in one of your hands (left or right). Here are the steps you must take to eliminate Scarlet Rot:

After being affected by a Status Effect, draw your Seal. Equip your Incantation:

  • Flame Cleanse Me
  • Activate the hand that’s equipped with your Seal.
  • Your character will clench his hand into a fist; you will take little damage, but the bad status effect will be removed!
  • If the slider continues to increase after you have cast Incantation, it is because your armor still contains Scarlet Rot. Nonetheless, the accumulation will gradually diminish.

As a general rule, if you lacked armor, you would accrue status effects much faster, but you would also be able to remove them much quicker.

Using the Flame, Cleanse Me Incantation is our preferred way of eliminating the Scarlet Rod in Elden Ring. Obtaining Preserving Boluses, though, is also effective. Which technique is your favorite? We would appreciate it if you would share your comments in the comment section.