How to Complete the Lost Ark Carrot and Stick Quest

There are numerous tasks throughout Lost Ark. After chatting with the injured Kir in Lost City, you’ll discover the Carrot and Stick Quest. This mission involves simply a small amount of time spent fishing instead of more difficult ones. The only catch is that you will need to begin fishing at a specific location. Here is essential information.

How to Successfully Complete the Carrot and Stick Quest in Lost Ark

After finishing the Fearsome Man-Eating Monster quest, the Carrot and Stick quest becomes available. Find Injured Kir in the zone Lost City to initiate the quest. You will then be entrusted with inquiring of Kir whether he knows a secret fishing area. Kir will then disclose the location of the fishing site.

Instructions for Completing the Carrot and Stick Quest in Lost Ark

The challenge that this circumstance presents lies precisely in this aspect. The location of the secret fishing site is concealed behind a wall that can be broken between the two dead ends on the left side of the Lost City map. In addition, two treasure boxes can be broken just in front of the wall.

Use an assault to destroy the wall and enter the secret fishing place. Begin fishing for White Belly fish as soon as you arrive. You’ll need to capture three of them to complete the quest, so persist until it’s over.

It is time to return to Kir once you’ve collected all three items. After you give him the fish, you will have one more thing to complete. Kir requires your support. To complete the task, use the “/cheer” command to play the “cheer” emote.

And this concludes the Carrot and Stick adventure within Lost Ark. Next, you will be tasked with completing the Time For Your Medicine quest, which is the next objective in the game’s main storyline. Happy exploring!