How to Catch and Evolve a Scatterbug Pokemon Go Evolution

Scatterbug Pokemon Go Evolution : Scatterbug and its evolutions Spewpa and Vivillon are new to Pokemon Go! However, these Bug-type Pokémon will not be found in the wild. Beginning on December 21, 2022, you will be able to capture and grow Scatterbug by collecting Postcards from worldwide.

Scatterbug Pokemon Go

Scatterbug Pokemon Go – Screenshot by Buddy System Games

How to Utilize Scatterbug Pokemon Go Evolution Items

Open Gifts from your Pokemon Go friends and pin their Postcards to encounter Scatterbugs from specific regions. Each region’s Scatterbug will evolve into a Vivillon with its distinctive pattern!

How to Identify Scatterbug

Scatterbug, unlike other Pokémon, cannot be encountered in the wild. To obtain a Scatterbug encounter, you must collect Postcards from your Pokemon Go friends.

Pin a Postcard to your collection of Medals to unlock the Vivillon Collector Medal. This allows you to capture Scatterbugs from throughout the globe by pinning Postcards from Friends in various countries. The collection of Scatterbugs from multiple regions will unlock sub-medals for each regional Vivillon kind.

Pin three Postcards from the same region obtained as Gifts to unlock your first encounter with a Scatterbug. To encounter a second Scatterbug from the same zone, you must collect nine Postcards from that area. You must pin fifteen Postcards from that area to discover a Scatterbug from the exact location a third time or more.

How to Affix a Postcard to a Pin

Whenever you receive a Gift by visiting a Pokestop or Gym and spinning the disc, you will receive a Postcard. When a friend sends you a gift, you can pin the accompanying postcard to your Postcard Book.

How to Come Across Scatterbug Pokemon Go

To check your progress in gathering Scatterbugs to develop into Vivillon, visit the Pokémon Evolution Tracker.

  • Tap the Player icon located in the bottom left corner.
  • Scroll down the “Me” menu until the Medals area is visible.
  • To access your Vivillon Collector Medal, click the Butterfly icon.
    • If you have not yet redeemed this Medal, it will be located at the end of the Medals section.
  • The sub-medals section is located beneath the World Map.
  • If you can claim a Scatterbug encounter, you will see a grass emblem with a question mark instead of a sub-medal. Select this Encounter Icon to initiate a hunt for Scatterbug!

Evolution of the Scatterbug Pokemon Go

After capturing a Scatterbug from a specific planet region, you can evolve it into a Vivillon with a distinctive pattern! There are a total of 18 Vivillon patterns in the world.

To evolve Scatterbug into Vivillon, 125 Scatterbug Candy are required.

Scatterbug Pokemon Go Evolution

Scatterbug Pokemon Go Evolution – Screenshot by Buddy System Games

How to Acquire Scatterbug Candies

There are multiple ways to earn Scatterbug Candy to evolve Scatterbug into Spewpa and Vivillon:

  • Capture Scatterbugs during encounters.
  • Deliver any additional Scatterbugs to the professor.
  • Assign Scatterbug as your Buddy to gather Candy.

The most incredible amount of Scatterbug Candy is obtained by capturing Scatterbugs; thus, your best chance of growing your Scatterbug is to capture more! Pin as many Postcards from Friends as possible to increase your Scatterbug encounters and, consequently, your Scatterbug Candy.

Advice on Capturing Scatterbug

In addition to pinning Postcards from your Friends around the world, you can pin up to three of your Postcards daily.

Your progress towards encountering the Scatterbug species native to your region will be influenced by the Postcards you create. Pin three of your Postcards to quickly discover your first Scatterbug.

  • Select the Pokeball icon at the bottom of the screen to affix your Postcards to your Postcard Book.
  • Choose “Items.”
  • Scroll down and click on “Gift.”
  • Choose a Present and Postcard.
  • Select the “Save” button next to a postcard to add it to your Postcard Book.

However, the ideal way to encounter Scatterbugs is to have many Pokemon Go Friends with whom you may exchange gifts. Share your Scatterbug Pokemon Go Referral Code online or seek out friends on social media to maximize the daily gifts you may send and receive.