How to Ascend in Cookie Clicker Ascension Guide: When to Ascend?

How to Ascend in Cookie Clicker: When to Ascend?

Cookie clicker ascension guide – If you’ve played Cookie Clicker for a while, you’re familiar with the name of the small bar at the top. You hover your mouse over it, unsure of its function. You have discovered how to advance to the next level in Cookie Clicker. Today, I’ll teach all you need to know about Ascension in Cookie Clicker and offer a technique for resolving issues like “When should I ascend?” what upgrade should I make?

You may quickly access any section of the Ascension guide using the table of contents. I’ll talk about Cookie Clicker’s Ascending’s many mechanics and tips.

This works for both the browser version and the Steam version of Cookie Clicker. Don’t worry if you were looking for a guide for a certain version of Ascension!

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In Cookie Clicker Ascension Guide, What is Ascension?

Ascension is like what other games call “new game plus.” You have to start over in the current run, but you get extra points for reaching certain goals. In this case, the milestones are the cookies made by clicking or some other way.

Several factors occur when the decision to climb is made. Heavenly chips and a CPS increase according to the number of prestige levels you own.

Cookie Clicker Ascension Guide : How many cookies do you need for each ascent?

In Cookie Clicker, to get to the first Ascension or prestige level, you have to bake 1 trillion cookies. This is challenging to do. To go past the beginner level in Cookie Clicker, you must produce one trillion cookies. You should be commended for taking on such a difficult challenge. Depending on how often you play, this might take a few days or a few weeks, and that’s only to reach the first prestige level.

You’ll likely get impatient and want to Ascend as soon as possible. You should begin by reading the subsequent section of the Ascension manual.

How do I know when to climb in Cookie Clicker?

In Cookie Clicker, ascending often requires at least 200 prestige levels, especially during the first ascent. Some Cookie Clicker gamers recommend waiting until you have a large amount of cookies, however 200 is one of the better quantities if you want to rise quickly.

Still, a well-known cookie clicker guide says you should do Ascend first at level 400. This grants you sufficient Heavenly Chips to purchase several enhancements that will aid you in future Ascensions.

I ascended before level 200 and was destroying Ascension levels the next day, so it’s not important to wait until level 1000. Even more, people agree.

Nevertheless, it would be advantageous to have Heavenly Chips in order to purchase excellent Ascension enhancements. This will be covered in the subsequent chapter of the Cookie Clicker Ascension guide.

Heavenly Upgrades Cookie Clicker Ascension Guide

Heavenly Chips can be used to buy upgrades called “Heavenly Upgrades.” These upgrades will help you a lot on your next runs. They boost your CPS, give you more golden cookies, and even a Cookie Dragon that makes you make twice as many cookies.

Here are a few things you should get on your first Ascend in Cookie Clicker. I’ll tell you how many Heavenly Chips you need for each one.

  • Heavenly Cookies (One Chip) (3 Chips)
  • How to Cook a Dragon (9 Chips)
  • Good Fortune (77 Chips)
  • Total (90) (90)

In Cookie Clicker, these are the most crucial enhancements. Some of the other enhancements, such as the cookie tin and the cursors, are beautiful, but they might be more practical. With these, you can get your Dragon, increase your chance of getting a Golden Cookie, and get an extra 10% CPS on average.

If you have more patience and are willing to wait until you have several hundred, here is another set of Heavenly Upgrades:

  • Legacy (1)
  • Heavenly Cookies (3)
  • How to Bake Your Dragon (9)
  • Box of Brand Biscuits (25)
  • Tin of British Tea Biscuits (25)
  • The Jar of Butter Cookies (25)
  • Macaroon Box (25) (25)
  • Heavenly Luck Starter Kit (50) (77)
  • Place 1 for Permanent Upgrades (100) Heralds (100) (100)
  • Total (440) (440)

You can see that you need 440 HC (Heavenly Chips) to buy these upgrades. But since you were so patient, you will receive a substantial amount of more CPS and be able to bypass the early game.

The Long-Term Plan for Guaranteed Slot Upgrades

The Permanent Upgrade Slot is one of the most important upgrades you can get from Heaven. This lets you choose an upgrade that will be unlocked for free at the start of your next run. You can put an expensive upgrade in the Permanent Upgrade Slot as long as you’ve already had it.

Most people ask, “What should I upgrade in Cookie Clicker with my permanent upgrade slot?”

The Golden Cookie is an improvement. As the game goes on, you’ll need Golden Cookies more and more to make cookies, and if you miss even one, it could take you DAYS longer to finish your run. For this reason, you should put the Golden Cookie upgrades at the top of your list for your Permanent Upgrade Slot.

Should I skip the next level in Cookie Clicker?

No. If this is your first time ascending, you should wait to do it as quickly as possible. You won’t speed up your progress, which is the whole point of Ascending. Get your prestige to at least 50, and then use Ascend. At the very least, you can buy some upgrades and get a good boost to CPS for your next run.

Again, some players recommend waiting until level 400 before ascending, but doing so is quite safe.

When you go up in Cookie Clicker, what happens?

When you press Ascend, you’ll be taken to a screen with what looks like a bunch of constellations and many options for spending your hard-earned Heavenly Chips. After selecting them, you must begin the game with none of your previous structures or improvements (unless you have a Heavenly Upgrade).

Should I sell my buildings before going to the next level? Cookie Clicker

No. The Ascension level is not changed by selling your buildings. It only depends on how many Cookies you’ve made by clicking or having your buildings make them.

So don’t try to sell anything because you’ll waste time.

Does Ascension work with the stock market?

No, sadly. The Ascension level is unaffected by the purchase and sale of “stocks” in the Stock Market minigame. However, it must have some practical purpose. Buying more buildings with money you made on the stock market will help you in the long run.

Will Popping Wrinklers work with Ascension?

YES! The only thing that does work with Ascension is to pop Wrinkles. Your prestige level increases by the number of cookies they make when they pop. So make sure to pop them before you ascend!

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Cookie Clicker Ascension Guide

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Do I Keep Sugar Lumps When Ascending?

Yes. When you ascend, all of your sugar lumps and buildings that you improved with sugar lumps will still be there. You have nothing to lose.

Ascend when your prestige level ends in 7, then 77, and finally 777 in order to obtain all three Heavenly Upgrades.

Golden Cookies are one of the finest methods to earn cookies in Cookie Clicker, thus you should get as many as possible as soon as possible.


And that’s it for my Cookie Clicker Ascension Guide! Check out this picture if you want to see the whole tree.

This helps you figure out when to Ascend in Cookie Clicker and makes the game fun. Your next stop is our guide to Krumblor.

Good luck, idling friends.