How Do Lost Ark Perception Shards Function?

There are many different materials to collect in Lost Ark. Maintaining the grind is essential to the experience, but keeping track of everything can be challenging. Given the variety of currencies you might collect in Lost Ark, and you can be excused for occasionally losing your bearings. Perception Shards are one of these currencies; As a result, going back over them might be a good idea. How do they operate? And if they are essential, how do you acquire them?

In Lost Ark, what do Perception Shards do?

Lost Ark Perception Fragments

Perception In Lost Ark, Shards are a helpful currency for maintaining your character’s stats. The Shards can be obtained through the Chaos Gate and by completing objectives in the Chaos Dungeon. The shards are redeemable at the Chaos Dungeon vendor. The primary purpose of these things is to get Harmony Leapstones, Shards, and Stone Fragments. In addition, customers can acquire Engraving Books and Jewelry.

Harmony Shards and Leapstones are armor enhancements. You’ll want to obtain these if you’re looking for the best possible armor. Stone Fragments may be required for several of your armor upgrades. All these are available at the Chaos Dungeon, where a dealer turns perception shards into items.

Nevertheless, there are a few other things that need to be taken into mind. The Engraving Book permits the addition of a level to an engraving. These can assist you in developing your skills beyond what your level would typically permit. Jewelry is just an item that increases a player’s attributes. If your existing jewelry is outdated, you can obtain these things through grinding to restore your character’s strength.

These products are accessible from vendors other than those selling Perception Shards. However, it would be best if you hit this steady grinding stage. Chaos Dungeons and Gates are sources of weekly rewards and should be farmed accordingly.