High On Life Mods Please Remove the Achievement Guide

Mods Please Ban is one of the most challenging achievements in High On Life to earn. Several objectives for the achievement are easily missed and may require a playthrough.

In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through all the steps necessary to obtain the Mods Please Ban accomplishment and give some tips on completing the goals more quickly.

High On Life

High On Life – Screenshot by Buddy System Games

How can I Acquire the High On Life Mods Please Ban achievement?

The High On Life Mods Please Ban accomplishment hinges around the Hunter Forums, a set of optional objectives with a forum-style user interface. There are many boards with unique topics for each achievement target in this section for high on life games.

A few objectives cannot be completed following to criteria that are only available during a specific portion of a playthrough. These goals include:

I know Dr Gurgula. Obtain Dr Gurgula’s hint in Douglas’s office. Important

  • Kill 10 Hunks
  • just saw a giant merkalod lol+++
  • Kill 90 Greebles


Greebles High On Life – For goals requiring a certain number of kills, you can reload a checkpoint once you’ve eliminated all of the adversaries in the region. In this manner, you’ll still be able to fight the same adversaries without moving, and these kills will remain counted towards the objective even if you reload the checkpoint. This is particularly useful for opponents that do not respawn post-game.

The Purposes of Blim City Banter

On the Blim City Banter board, the following objectives are listed:

What’s new in the Downtown Blim area? – Learn about three Downtown locations

These three locations, your home, Mr Keep’s pawn shop, and Blorto’s, are all available upon arrival in Blim City.

  • The truth behind the Blim City Slums – Discover 5 spots within the Slums

These five areas are the Slums Access Route, the Shanty District, the Laundromat District, Torg Territory, and Sludgeworks. By completing the initial bounty quest, you will be able to navigate these areas with ease.

I have information about Dr Gurgula. Important – Find out six hints regarding Dr Gurgula

Within the G3’s buildings, there are a total of six hints:

  1. In Blim City, ascend the Krust Lord’s building and search for the graffiti that reads “Don’t trust translator germs!! ” to find the clue.
  2. Inside Douglas’ office, enter the exit pipe from the boss combat arena, and you’ll see a poster of Douglas embracing Dr Gurgula just before the next pipe.
  3. Return to the location where Lezduit was found once Dr Giblets has been conquered, then interact with the orange table on the right to receive the first piece of information.
  4. Enter the next area and interact with the console to receive the next hint.
  5. Within Skrendel Labs, enter the security office where the console to unlock the weapons lab is situated, and just next to the console is a screen giving another clue.
  6. After fighting Nipulon in his office, check to the left of his desk to locate a console with the hint.

Strategic and Tactical Objectives in Combat

Listed below are the objectives found on the Combat Tactics and Strategies board:

  • Hand-to-hand Combat Thread – Complete sixty melee kills

Using Knifey requires nothing more than lethal strikes.

  • Official New Gun Discussion topic (reposting because the last one was locked) – Make 240 gun kills

Eliminate 240 foes using any weapon.

  • A fan of breaking armor+++ – Kill 240 foes by destroying their armour.

Killing foes while they are still wearing their armour contributes to this objective. Utilizing Knifey is a speedy method for achieving this purpose.

  • Merkaloids: Evil or Misunderstood? A Discussion – Kill 60 Merks

When they first appear, marks are typically armed with a rifle and yellow goo armour. To fulfil this objective, you must kill 60 of them.

  • How to deal with melee opponents? – Kill 60 Melee Merks

Melee Merks are identical to Merks, and only they have claws instead of a gun on both hands.

  • My Very First Victim to Die by Execution!!! 3 – Complete thirty crucifixions.

As soon as you kill a low-health foe with a melee attack, executions are initiated. With Merks, this is a simple task.

  • I just saw a giant merkalod lol+++ – Kill 10 Hunks

Giant foes armed with a bazooka are hunks. Some will spawn in Dr Giblet’s kill chamber, but the best time to farm them is during Nipulon’s bounty on the route to Nipulon’s lounge.

  • Beware of Jasons – Eliminate 30 Jasons

Jasons are adversaries who can fling their heads towards their allies and command them. You must locate the base body and kill it to fulfil this mission. There are numerous within the Hybrid Lab.

  • My First Sniper Kill!!!:O – Kill 30 Snipers

When snipers aim at you, and the sniper warning appears on-screen, it is easy to determine whether or not they are in range. To achieve the mission, locate and kill them.

  • Unfortunate kill – Accumulate 120 kills

Assaults utilizing environmental hazards, such as explosive barrels, will contribute to this aim.

High On Life Mod

High On Life Mod – Screenshot by BUDDYSYSTEMGAMES.COM

Objectives of the Zephyr Paradise Chat

On the Zephyr Paradise Chat board, the following objectives are listed:

  • Kill 240 Mytes to eliminate them immediately

Mytes are the enemies that spawn in swarms and resemble crabs. You can kill an abundance of them at the Upper Furgle Warren.

  • Weird thing on Zephyr Paradise – Explore eight spots in Zephyr Jungle

You can enter Zephyr Jungle at any moment, but especially during Krubis’ bounty. This map will help you identify Back Canyon, Moplet Village, Upper Falls, River Fork, Deep Jungle, Lower River Canyon, Mushroom River and   Furgle Warren, which are some of the places you’ll visit on your adventure. It also includes Upper Falls.

  • The crimes must cease on Zephyr! [READ PLEASE] – Explore six Mines District places in Zephyr.

This includes Valley Bluff, Lower Valley, my Outskirts, G3 Mine, Mineshaft, and the Administration Office.

  • Secret G3 labs on Zephyr Paradise (actual) – Explore 9 sites in Skrendel Labs.

These are the Security Checkpoint, Skrendel Pass, Loading Dock, Hybridization Sector A, Specimen Holding, Laboratory Crossroads, and Cloning Sector B.

  • Can you trust vendors on zephyr paradise?? – Buy six vendor products in Zephyr Paradise

You can purchase things from three different vendors in Zephyr Paradise. One is in Deep Jungle, one is in Upper Valley, and the Jungle Clearing. To earn this award, you must buy all of their products.

Objectives of the Port Terrene

On the Port Terrene Hangout board, the following objectives are listed:

  • GREEBLES ATE A F*CKING HOLE IN MY SHIP – Kill ninety Greebles

Greebles are little, underground-dwelling foes that fire projectiles. A large population surrounds the GMS Schlooper Wreck.

  • Exploring the suburbs of Port-au-Prince – Three Old Town locations

Main Street, Dreg Town Elevator, and Old Town Gorge, make up the three different places.

  • Dullytown stinks. DEBATE FORUM – Explore Three Locations in the Periphery

The three areas are referred to as Out-Outskirts, The GMS Schlooper Wreck, and Unidentified Wreckage respectively.

  • Going cowboy mode (product evaluation) – Discover 9 sites in the Dreg Town

All of the following locations are included in this system: Vacant Lot, Dreg Underbelly, G3 Recruitment Center, Dreg Town Cleft, Maintenance Station B, Dreg Town Plaza, Maintenance Station C, Maintenance Station A, Dreg Town Station, and Thomas Michael Phillips Sr. Memorial Court are the locations of the many maintenance stations in Dreg Town. Located in the heart of Dreg Town lies the G3 Recruiting Center.

  • Port terrene vendor secret – Buy three vendor items in Port Terrene

In Port Terrene, there are two sellers from whom you can purchase products. One is in Dreg Town Station, and the other is in Dreg Underbelly. To earn this award, you must buy all of their products.

High On Life Mods Please Prohibit Achievement Notes You only need to complete the bare minimum for each goal listed above. Some objectives count towards the achievement beyond the minimum required.