Having Trouble Summoning a Cooperator in Elden Ring? Simple Fix

FromSoftware has imprinted the gaming industry by creating a game/genre that is both difficult and rewarding. The ability to bear this anguish and continue makes these games so amazing, but this may be a deal-breaker for some players.

Fortunately, the developers have always provided the option to play collaboratively, allowing you to divide the workload with other players. Nevertheless, given the game’s difficulty, even the multiplayer mechanics in these games could be more straightforward and require considerable familiarity.

If you cannot call a cooperator in Elden Ring, verify where you or your companion placed the summon sign, be aware of the level-based matchmaking calculations, and ensure that you have yet to defeat the boss in your planet or sector.

How to Conjure the Cooperator in Elden Ring

Before you begin playing, you must ensure that your online settings are enabled. Enter the system settings from the main menu or pause menu, then navigate to Network and provide “Send Summon Sign” set to “Enable” and “Launch Settings” is “Play Online.”

This will ensure there are no technical issues with the cooperative system.

Once you’ve entered the game, you’ll need to set a password so that you may play with friends and not just random players. If you are seeking randoms, skip this step. Set the password by halting the game and navigating to the Multiplayer menu.

On the right side of the Multiplayer menu, you can configure a Multiplayer Password and a Group Password. Those who wish to play together must share the same password. Configure the password that you and your friend have chosen.

This instructs the game to match with only those people who have these specific passwords or group passwords, making it simple to connect and enter each other’s worlds.

Upon entering the game, the initial objective is to complete the tutorial area. In one of the initial chambers, you can obtain the Tarnished Furled Finger and the Finger Severer, both of which are required for multiplayer. These are two requirements needed to play online with a friend.

The final requirement is a Furlcalling Finger Remedy. This craftable artifact grants the ability to perceive Summon Signs and summon players into your realm. To obtain this item, you must first acquire a Crafting Kit from Merchant Kalé in the ‘Church of Elleh located north of ‘The First Steps.’

The crafting kit costs 300 runes; therefore, you must kill a few foes to purchase it. Once purchased, the required item, the Furlcalling Finger Remedy, can be crafted. Crafting this item takes two Erdleaf Flowers, which can be found in the starting zone.

Search for golden blossoms that can be plucked. These are readily available in the open world, so you should be able to find them easily.

Now, just the one who pulls their co-op partner into their reality requires the Furlcalling Finger Remedy, and with your things in hand, the fun can begin. First, the co-op partner being lured into another realm uses the Tarnished Furred Finger to cast their summon sign.

Ensure that your co-op partner is aware of its placement, as they will need to locate the sign where it was placed in their reality. Then, the cooperative partner who is pulling employs the Furlcalling Finger Remedy.

This will allow them to see the Golden cooperator summon signs in their world, while you will only see the gather signs of your allies as you have the password enabled.

If all goes according to plan, the co-op partner who threw down the sign will be taken into the other player’s realm, and you will then be free to explore. It’s odd, especially if unfamiliar with From Software’s co-op style. Nonetheless, once you get the feel of it, everything makes sense.

Problem-Solving Unable To Invoke Cooperator

If you have followed all of the steps to summon a friend or a random cooperator but are still experiencing connection troubles, there are a few things to consider or solve, which we will outline below. Among the most fundamental challenges you may encounter are the following:

  • Verify that you and your friend still share the same password in the settings; otherwise, neither of you will be able to view the summon signs of the other. And if you like to find random players, you must erase the passwords; otherwise, the matchmaking engine will only search for players with the same password.
  • Server maintenance can occasionally impede connections; You must practice patience when dealing with situations like this.
  • Ensure that the internet is operational and that you are online. The easiest way to determine if you are online is to enter the pause menu. You are not online if the Multiplayer and Messages options are grayed out.

Positioning The Summon Sign

When setting you to summon a sign on the ground using the Tarnished’s Furled Finger, you must be aware that it is not a global beacon but a local one.

This implies that the summon sign you have put will remain in that region, and you will only be summoned there, regardless of where the host player is; the host player will not see the sign if they are in a different area.

If you wish to assist players in defeating a specific boss, position the summon sign near or outside the boss’s arena. If you want to assist players in completing a particular level or sector of the open world, place the summon sign at the Site of Grace.

Occasionally, your Level will also determine whether you can be summoned. Therefore, if you are a high-level player, placing a summon sign in one of the starting zones is unlikely to be fruitful. In the following section, we will examine another layer of level-based matchmaking.

Level-Based Compatibility

Matchmaking for multiplayer games is based on Level. The level range is established from the host’s perspective, meaning all computations are based on the Level of the host player. Please use a password if you wish to play with pals; this will remove the restrictions on multiplayer and scale the stronger player down to the weaker one.

You cannot be summoned into a player’s world if you are outside their summoning range; As a result, you need to understand these various ranges. To simplify matters, there is a Summon Range Calculator where you may enter your Level and discover the levels of other players who can summon you or whom you can summon. Here is where you may access the Summon Range Calculator.

Leader Defeated

Importantly, once you have defeated the area’s primary boss, you can no longer summon allies to that area. The secret purpose of requesting assistance in Elden Ring is to beat the boss. As soon as you defeat the boss, the cooperator will return to their planet immediately.

In this situation, you cannot invite players back to explore the area and can only assist those who have yet to defeat the boss. This applies to both password-protected friends and random public summoning.

To initiate cooperative play, you must transfer to a new area where the boss is still alive. To advance cooperatively with a friend, you must alternatively kill bosses in your world and theirs.

The community has a great deal of criticism for how FromSoftware has developed this intricate multiplayer system, but they have no intention of simplifying it. In that scenario, we must embrace this twisted reality and confront any problem we may encounter because we adore their games. We love their games.