GTA V Lite System Requirements for PC

Whether they have a high-end or low-end computer, all PC gamers want to play GTA V on their PC or laptop. Check out the GTA V light for PC system requirements.

Gta V

Gta V – Image Via Buddysystemgames.Com

GTA 5 is playable on high-end computers but not on low-end machines. But in 2022, a YouTube channel called Levitation 24 created a GTA V light version compatible with low-end PC hardware. Today, we will discuss the GTA 5 light PC requirements to play the game on your desktop or laptop computer.

GTA 5 lite is not a mod because it is an identical replica of GTA V with all of its features. GTA 5 light features texture visuals that have been compressed, amongst other things, so that it can run on any Low-End device.

However, you know that it may only be compatible with some computers. We give the Gta 5 light PC requirements for low-end hardware to determine the solution. Also, we will inform you of the 2022 release date for GTA 5 light. Let us immediately go to our primary theme.

GTA V Lite PC Requirements

To compare the differences between GTA V and GTA V lite, I have included both PC requirements so that you may quickly determine if your computer can run GTA 5 lite.


GTA V System Requirments

  • 4GB to 8GB RAM
  • Size: 72GB (100+GB After Full Update)
  • CPU: Intel Core i5-3470
  • GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 660
  • It is a typical requirement nowadays, but there are still a large number of individuals who choose to play GTA with a low-end computer. So let’s examine the GTA 5 lite PC specifications.
  • GTA V Lite System Requirments
  • Despite modifications, there are three configurations. Each Graphics Configuration necessitates a unique set of System Requirements.
  • Native Profile |Recommended System Requirements for GTA V
  • Native Preset is one of the greatest graphics-quality presets. If you have viewed the Trailer, you will notice that Creator utilized Native Preset.
  • System Requirements For GTA 5 Lite-On A Low Ejd PC
  • Ram: 4GB
  • CPU: Intel I3-6100 ( 2 Cores)
  • Intel Hd 530 Graphics is the GPU
  • HDD: 44GB Available
  • Shadow Settings
  • Shadow Preset is identical to Native Preset, except shadow effects and reflections are diminished.
  • Ram: 4GB
  • CPU: Intel I3-6006u
  • Intel HD 530 Graphics is the GPU
  • HDD: 44GB Available


Lighter Preset | GTA V Lite Minimum System Requirements

The Lighter Preset has eliminated shadows and reflections from the game entirely.

  • Ram: 4GB
  • CPU: Intel I3- 3110m ( 2Cores)
  • Intel HD 4000 Graphics is the GPU
  • HDD: 44GB Available

Here, the Native setting is for typical PC users. The Shadow set is designed for those who will experience latency while playing. The Lighter Preset is for those whose computers do not support the Native and Shadow Presets.

Therefore, the minimal system need for GTA V light is Lighter Preset, and the recommended system requirement is Native Preset.


What is the GTA V Lite release date?

Gta V Release Date

Gta V Release Date – Screenshot By Buddysystemgames.Com

The release date of GTA V Lite is February 7, 2022, which is rapidly approaching, indicating that Developers have completed the game.

  • Aspects Of GTA V Lite
  • Here are several GTA V light features.
  • For Low-End Computer

The primary goal of GTA V light was to support the game on low-end PCs. To do this, the Creator of Levitation 4D has reduced the game’s visuals, texture quality, and size. However, more than just decreasing items will be necessary to improve latency. The developer has worked exceptionally hard on it.


GTA V light is 44GB, which is nearly impossible to estimate. The designers exerted significant effort to reduce the file size of the original GTA 5 game to create a light version of the game.


This game is completely free. This implies that anyone may download and play this game on their own devices. That obligation has been lifted from them.

Despite the game’s compression, GTA 5 light includes all missions, except for the prologue mission, due to latency and bugs.


As stated, the map is complete because all tasks have been completed. Not just the map but also all vehicles and Easter eggs are included.


The Pros And Cons Of GTA V Lite


  • Now every Low-End PC User may enjoy Grand Theft Auto V.
  • It is Free; therefore, there is no need to squander money.
  • You can utilize Cheats and Glitches in addition to Mods. The developer has advised against using any modifications.
  • You may also play this game on a laptop.


  • We reduced graphics, textures, Shadow, and reflection.
  • We may encounter several faults and glitches.
  • Rockstar Company may label this game as infringing since it is a clone of GTA V created by a developer other than Rockstar Company.
  • Support Levitation 24



Levitation 24, a creator of GTA V Lite for PC, deserves all the credit. I hope you can locate the GTA V PC system requirements.