Genshin Impact : Unlock Genshin Test of Courage Partner Guide

The genshin test of courage partner is a part of the Akitsu Kimodameshi celebration that runs through January 2. To complete genshin test of courage partner you’ll need to team up with a playable character, make your way through Chinju Forest, and be the first to claim a unique award. Unfortunately, it is dangerously simple to get lost in the misty forest.

Genshin Test Of Courage Partner

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How To Pass Genshin Test Of Courage Partner

The genshin test of courage partner, the introductory quest for the Akitsu Kimodameshi event, unlocks several additional event challenges. The Genshin Test of Courage is an excellent way to prove your mettle without spending too much time in Chinju Forest.

Genshin Requirements for The Impact Test of Courage

The entry requirements for this Genshin Impact event are the same as always:

  • Acquire Adventurer Rank 30
  • Completing the Ritou Escape Plan Archon Quest. It is a section of Chapter II, Act I, titled “The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia.” In other words, the initial segment of the Inazuma-centered primary questline.
  • Complete Arataki Itto’s Story Quest, if desired. You can bypass this requirement by selecting “quick start” from the event menu. Doing so will significantly enhance your understanding of this event’s plot.

Commence The Trial of Courage and Select a Partner

Go to the Kamisato Estate and speak with Ayato to initiate the Genshin test of courage partner. The test consists of three trials in Chinju Forest, which he will describe briefly. Leave the Kamisato Estate and speak with Itto before travelling south to find the Shrine Maiden hosting the event.

How To Obtain The Flower Of Paradise Artifact Lost By Genshin

Once you arrive, you must choose a companion for the Test of Courage. There are, thankfully, several Genshin Impact favourites to choose from. Here are your available options:

  • Ayaka
  • Gorou
  • Ayaka

The actual Test of Courage in Genshin Impact begins after you make your choice. You are charged with locating the Dango Milk. To complete the task, you must follow the forest’s signs. Be cautious, as following the incorrect one will lead to a vegetable-filled chest. Follow these steps to find the right path:

  • Descend the flight of stairs • At the first crossroads, turn left in the direction of the forest, not the river.
  • Walk a little further, and you’ll climb some more stairs.
  • At the final crossroads, take a right, and you’ll see a sign for Dango Milk.

After selecting the item, some cutscenes will play, and the first round of Genshin test of courage partner will be completed. The start of round two.

She will ask you to choose Kazuha, Ayaka, or Gorou as your partner for the Test of Courage. This decision does not affect the gameplay of Test of Courage; it only affects the dialogue.

Second Round Quest Guide for the Genshin Impact Test of Bravery

Genshin Impact Test of Courage Partner

Genshin Impact Test of Courage Partner – Screenshot by BUDDYSYSTEMGAMES.COM

A similar gimmick is used in Genshin Impact’s second Test of Courage tournament round. You journey to the forest, speak with the Miko and select a companion there. Now you have three new potential partners to choose from:

  • Sauy
  • Yoimia
  • Thoma

The second round of the test will commence once you have made your selection. You will be charged with locating a fan. You’ll find helpful hints for the second part of Genshin test of courage partner below. Genshin Impact.

  • Continue walking straight until you reach the river. • Turn left when you see signs pointing in two different directions.
  • Cross the river and continue straight until you see a new set of signs.
  • Take a right and proceed towards the wall, where you will see an arrow pointing to the fan.

Taking the fan will trigger additional cutscenes and conclude this event’s second phase. The third round of this Genshin Impact event has yet to begin, but you can find more information about it in our quest guide. You can play the 3.3 version of the game and still be eligible for the current banners. If not, version 3.4 is close and promises to add new characters, one of which may be a free-for-all.

How to Unlock Test of Courage Quest

Complete Arataki Itto’s Story Quest and Chapter 2 Act 1 Archon Quest – Ritou Escape Plan

Attaining Adventure Rank 30 will unlock the Test of Courage. To unlock the event, you must also finish Chapter 2: Act 1 of the Archon Quest series and Arataki Itto’s Story Quest.

You can bypass the prerequisite quests by pressing Quick Start in the Event Menu!

Impact of Dango Milk Genshin’s Test of Courage Test of Bravery guide

With a partner from the Test of Courage, it is time to begin the first trial. Stick to the signs, and you’ll eventually arrive at Dango Milk. You’ll have to start the challenge over if you make a wrong turn. Here’s how to follow the right course:

  • Follow the path to the left, turn left a second time and ascend the statue-adorned staircase.
  • Itto will ambush your party, but you should disregard him and continue climbing towards the statue with glowing eyes.
  • Follow a sequence of cutscenes to conclude the quest.

To begin the second section of the Test of Courage, you must compete in the beach-based Akitsu Yuugei trial event. There are six distinct event stages, but you only need to complete one; your final score is irrelevant. The gameplay is straightforward: demolish the bricks by bouncing back the elemental balls. Destruction of all bricks concludes the Akitsu Yuugei task.

Genshin Test of Courage Partner: Haunted Tales, Part Two

Genshin Effect Test of Bravery guide

Haunted Tales, the second part of the Test of Courage, begins near the southern Teleport Waypoint in Chinju Forest.

Again, choose a genshin test of courage partner. This time, the available options are Yoimiya, Thoma, and Sayu.

Follow the path in front of you, past the Onikabuto, until you reach the two arrow signs at the base of the staircase. Take the route on the left.

Location on the river’s left bank.

At the third pair of contradictory arrow signs, proceed to the right. The fan is a few paces away, next to the taller rocks.

Picking up the fan concludes the second section of the Test of Courage, but you’ll need to repeat a few conversations and an Akitsu Yuugei challenge to access the third section.

The Currents of Life, The Third Section of The Courage Test

Genshin Impact Test of Willpower

Return to the Chinju Forest Teleport Waypoint and speak with Heizou for the third part of the Genshin Impact Test of Courage. There is no other option for a partner now, and you are not required to follow any arrows. Here are the steps:

Collect The Two Hints, And Continue To Pursue The Quest Objective

Under the overhanging rock, search for “anything unusual” on the beach.

Complete the final Test of Courage by completing the remaining dialogue.

This concludes the Genshin test of courage partner walkthrough in its entirety. Take pleasure in the celebration!

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