The 35th Anniversary Edition of FINAL FANTASY I-VI Collection PIXEL REMASTER is Now Available For Preorder

This highly anticipated set* includes the packaged version of the FINAL FANTASY I-VI COLLECTION and the Anniversary Edition GOODS BOX, which includes:

Final Fantasy I-Vi Collection

Final Fantasy I-Vi Collection – Screenshot by BuddySystemGames.Com

  • A vinyl record collection containing newly-arranged game music
  • Specially prepared art book with eight stylized pixel art character figures.
  • An extra lenticular case for the game packaging.

Also available on the SQUARE ENIX STORE are limited quantities of the physically packed version of FINAL FANTASY I-VI COLLECTION.

FINAL FANTASY I-VI COLLECTION arrives digitally on PlayStation®4 and Nintendo SwitchTM in the Spring of 2023

This bundle is only available at the SQUARE ENIX STORE.

The game box and bonus sleeve will not be placed within the Anniversary Edition GOODS BOX but will be shipped together.

Pixel Remaster of Final

Fantasy I-VI Announced for Switch and PS4

Square Enix has announced that the pixel remasters of Final Fantasy I through VI will be available on PS4 and Switch in the spring of 2019. The titles will be available in both a bundle and individually. The package pricing will be $74.99, while each game will cost $15.99. That’s a high price for titles that are 30 years old, especially when collections such as Capcom Arcade cost approximately $30.

Even though there are six games in the collection, there are many things to consider. Unless you’re as old as I am, you may not recall that the Japanese number for Final Fantasy is 4. In the United States, it was released for the SNES as Final Fantasy 2. It is also the second-best game in the series, following Final Fantasy X. While IV introduced Active Time Battle and turn-based combat to the SNES, it was X’s introduction of voice acting for the first time that truly set it apart.

Final Fantasy Collection

Final Fantasy Collection – Screenshot by Buddy System Games

Square Enix’s continued omission of Xbox platforms from this collection is a further consideration. The remaster is already available on Steam, Android, and iOS mobile platforms, leaving Xbox as the only major player missing. They are excellent games that set the tone for more than 30 years of gaming in a franchise. With the upcoming release of the 16th instalment on PS5 (also an exclusive), few games can match Final Fantasy’s extensive history.

If the games themselves weren’t enough, there is also a collector’s edition that includes the following:

  • FINAL FANTASY I-VI COLLECTION – a physical compilation of all games for PS4 or Nintendo Switch – Anniversary Edition GOODS BOX.
  • A lenticular bonus sleeve for the game box.
  • 2-record vinyl collection containing newly prepared game soundtrack with original cover artwork by Kazuko Shibuya
  • A uniquely prepared artbook displays gorgeous pixel art of characters.
  • In each pack are eight styled pixel art figurines.

Pixel Remaster of Final Fantasy I-VI Announced for Switch and PS4.