Destiny 2 Strange Key: When to Use

The Strange Key is an old thing in Destiny 2. Similar to every other quest item in the game, this one can be easily misplaced. After all, it’s named the Strange Key! If you have received this, you are likely still determining where to distribute it. And, believe us, you’ll want to see this item in its home. Let’s rummage around and locate it!

Destiny 2: When to Use the Strange Key

The Strange Key is a part of the Magnum Opus questline with Xur in Eternity in Destiny 2. It is gained by obtaining the “Brave” Strange Favor Rank and then purchasing it from Xur for free. If you possess a Strange Key, travel to Eternity and approach the purple fog in Xur’s Dominion. Once you locate the small rectangular block on the right side of the Valley, you can use the key on it and enter the tower.

To begin Xur’s questline, you must finish runs of Dares of Eternity. Starhorse Bounties require Strange Coins, which can be obtained with these. Try to select tasks that are simple to perform, as there are only three in all.

Xur’s bounty grants you ranks; hence, you should attain rank 4. Upon arrival, purchase the key from his shop. Not to worry, it’s gratis!

If you’ve never been to the Valley before, pass through Xur’s domain and enter a bizarre purple fog-filled area.

The Valley block is difficult to notice. There is a little cluster of rocks on the right. Specifically, it will protrude from the top of a smaller batch at eye level. It is visible from the spawn point, so stay within the distance!

Once you’ve unlocked the rectangle, return to the crack near the beginning of the level. You can enter the glowing purple area and then follow the cave. You will need to perform parkour to conclude, but once there, you will be able to obtain the Anomalous Object. Bring this item to Banshee-44 to get the Forerunner Exotic. What a clever reference to Halo!