Clash Royal Match MOD iOS v12491 APK Download Android App (Unlimited Boosters, Stars, Coins)

The best puzzle game is Royal Match Mod APK. Swipe colours and solve match-3 puzzles to help King Robert decorate his palace.

  • The app is called “Royal Match.”
  • Publisher: Dream Games
  • Genre: Puzzle
  • Latest Version: 12491
  • MOD Info: Get an unlimited number of boosts, stars, and coins
  • Google Play

Info on MOD?

  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Stars
  • Unlimited Boosters
  • Pass Royale Enabled

ROYAL MATCH is a new and exciting puzzle game. It will have top-notch thinking, beautiful graphics, and a lot of charm. You will become a smart and brave bodyguard who can deal with any problem and never gives up. Use your sense of style to help our King build a beautiful castle. Click “Download,” and we’ll get your trip started!

Match Royal

Simple But Creative What To Do

You must put three or more identical symbols next to each other or into certain shapes to eliminate them. When it’s your turn, your chances of getting the corresponding boosts go up the more icons you get rid of. By making and exploding these boosters, your situation will change significantly. Each item that adds an enhancement will do something different. Therefore, selecting the best method to create the best gifts.

Sometimes the only way to finish a level is to use explosive barrels, ballistic missiles, magic propellers, or light balls. Try to make them and enjoy what they can do for you. Sometimes you get lucky, but you have to use your brains most of the time. Learning to play is easy, but you must practice a lot to get good at it.

Every time you win, you get hot prizes

At the end of each round, treasure chests will be given to you. When you open these treasure chests, you’ll find lovely gifts inside. Please use them because they will make the following levels easier for you. In this game, it’s also very important to get and save coins in addition to gifts. You can use coins to buy more steps or things you need to improve your game. There are only so many coins, so save and use them at the right time.


In each round, you have a better chance of getting a score if you finish the level with the fewest steps. This shows off your skills and gets you more valuable treasure chests. The more points you get, the more likely you will get coins and other prizes. When you’ve played a lot, and your level has gone up, you can go back to an old round and play it again to get a high score. Every player will want a road full of golden stars.

You can’t get anywhere because of the things in your way

No trip is simple. On your way to building a permanent castle for the King, you may have to fight magical forces or other obstacles. The symbols you need to eradicate can be stored and manipulated by them. Or you might have to gather all the things you need to make a “passport” for your door. You should be able to get past them, though, if you have enough creativity and patience.


Fantastic pictures and a good story

Even though there are a lot of puzzle games like this one, what makes ROYAL MATCH so popular is that the levels are always bright and beautiful. The story, characters, different parts of the castle, background music, and images when playing and scoring are all fascinating and attractive. They are both interesting, pretty, and fun. For this game, this is favorable.

Connect with friends, compete, and show what you can do.

Even though it’s nice to play when you’re not online, you can leave it online if you want to. Then, your leaderboard will keep getting new information about your actions. Bring many friends to the game so you can compete against each other. What could be better than being at the top of the leaderboard?

Royal Match is constantly adding new features

The game will be changed every two weeks to keep players interested. The publisher will keep giving you more and more levels to play. Along with that, changes will always be to new parts of the castle. This means that people who play a lot will always be energized, and people who play for the first time will have more options. This update will get 100 new levels and a dog park in ROYAL MATCH.


Don’t waste any more time. Start beating the challenges in the King’s castle on the day of the ROYAL MATCH. Now, do what I say. First, download the game. Next, send out as many invitations as possible. Remember to keep the time in check, because it is very appealing.


Download Royal Match v12491 MOD APK (unlimited boosts, stars, and coins)