Are You Required To Destroy The Erdtree In Elden Ring? Four Things Before

Elden Ring is FromSoftware’s most expansive game to date and is packed with activities and locations to discover. They have added the FromSoftware flair to the open-world formula, setting this game unique from others in its genre.

Not only is the game’s lore and overall advancement expertly crafted, but there are so many optional activities that it takes time to lose track of the primary mission.

Regarding the main mission, as soon as you exit the tutorial dungeon, the broad green fields of Limgrave and the mighty Erdtree will be visible in the distance. Shortly, you will be tasked with essentially reaching the Erdtree and destroying it to end the world’s deplorable situation.

The player is required to burn the Erdtree to advance in the narrative. Since there is no way to level up in any other way, you should probably wait until you’ve finished everything that will be impossible after the building is demolished.

Before burning the Erdtree, the following actions may be taken:

  • Complete your Quests
  • Find all the Terminations
  • Discover the entire globe

Are You Required To Destroy The Erdtree In Elden Ring?

As soon as you see the Erdtree and receive Melina’s instructions, you’ll know it serves as a continual reminder that here is where you must go. The most important objective of your tainted life is to reach the foot of the tree, face whatever challenge awaits you, and enter the tree to have a great impact on the Lands Between.

Once you reach the Erdtree and have defeated all of the bosses blocking your route, thorns will prevent you from entering. To bypass this barrier, Melina will urge you to burn the Erdtree using the Great Forge in the Giant Peaks. After an arduous journey across the snow-covered peaks, you will reach the forge and burn the tree, transporting you to the Crumbling Farum Azula and initiating the endgame.

Burning the tree is required to terminate the game, and you will eventually have to do it. However, once you have destroyed the Erdtree, irreversible changes will be made to the planet, including the inaccessibility of specific regions. And given that this is the game’s conclusion, you should be ready and have completed or explored anything you may have missed up until now.

Fortunately, the game does not end immediately after the destruction of the Ertree, so you will have the opportunity to complete other objectives before the conclusion.

Things To Do Before Burning The Erdtree Or Reaching The End Of The Elden Ring.

Before destroying the Erdtree and ending the game, as indicated above, there are a variety of activities to fulfill. You can accomplish the following:

Leyndell Royal Capital

The most noticeable alteration to the Lands Between will be the transformation of Leyndell, Royal Capital, into Leyndell, Ashen Capital, which will be entirely buried by sand. This change will render a significant portion of this place inaccessible, causing you to lose access to several objects and locales.

Before destroying the Erdtree, we urge you to thoroughly explore the Capital to take advantage of these opportunities.


Most of Elden Ring’s side/character quests are related to key events and game progression. In typical FromSoft form, the game does not specify the trigger points for advancing these tasks, so you must be extremely careful when interacting with NPCs or have done your research in advance.

Gold mask and Brother Corhyn’s questline conclusion is tightly tied to the Erdtree’s destruction; hence, you must have completed all prerequisites before the Erdtree’s destruction to obtain the conclusion.

Complete all questlines before entering the endgame, or you will miss out on crucial game elements.


The game has six possible endings, each of which requires achieving specific objectives. As Erdtree’s destruction marks the beginning of the game’s conclusion, you must be sure of the endings you wish to pursue and have finished the necessary questline to accomplish it.


The Elden Ring universe is vast, and every corner and cranny has secrets, such as bosses and goods, such as weapons and armor sets. It’s best to have seen as much of the map as possible before burning the Erdtree and finishing the game, or else you’ll have to start over. Some goods in the game are only available once every playthrough. It is advisable to get them as quickly as possible.

Before burning the Erdtree and concluding the game, there is a vast amount of more content available in Elden Ring, of which we have just scratched the surface. Ensure you have completed the multitude of activities available in Elden Ring, as doing so will aid your New Game+ to run and flesh out the game’s story.