11 Best Pirate Games for Android 2023

Pirate games are based on great movies like Pirates of the Caribbean and anime like One Piece. So, here we list the best pirate games for Android in 2023.

Pirate Games

Pirate Games – Screenshot By Buddy System Games

In pirate games, you are the ship’s captain and have to solve mysteries, get the treasure, destroy the ship, go on adventures, and become the sea king.

There are a lot of Pirate games, but many of them could be better. Here are your top 10 pirate games for Android in 2023 based on their popularity, uniqueness, graphics, and ratings.

Best Pirate Games For Android 2023

List of the best pirate games for Android. You can get different things in each game.

1. The Pirate: A Caribbean Hunt

Pirate Video Games

Pirate Video Games : The Pirate A Caribbean Hunt – Screenshot By Buddysystemgames.Com

The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt is an easy and fun game to play if you want to be the ship’s captain and destroy other ships.

The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt is Android’s best open-world pirate ship game. This game has all the things that pirate games need to have.

In this game, you’re the captain of the ship. Here, you’ll need to sail the ship and become the king of pirates. You must use cannonballs and other exciting weapons to destroy other ships, upgrade your ship, buy more than 30 ships, and take over cities. You can also play PvE or PvP in this game. There will be day and night. The caption has 20 exciting skills.

The graphics are pretty good and realistic. The sound is peaceful and action-packed, and the controls are scientific and fun. You can’t get off the ship in this game.


2.  Assassin’s Creed: Pirate

Assassin's Creed: Pirate

Pirate Games Best : Assassin’s Creed: Pirate – Screenshot By Buddy System Games

Games made by Ubisoft never disappoint. Assasin’s Creed Pirate is also a popular pirate game by the Ubisoft company.

Assassin’s Creed Pirate is the best pirate game for 2023. This game is Ubisoft’s best ship-destroying, offline, adventurous game.

In this game, you follow the story of the pirate Alonzo Batalla, who knows where the treasure of the French pirate La Buse is hidden. The game is about naval combat and takes place in the early 18th century, like Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag.

Here, you are a sailor and the leader of the ship. The bot shows you how to control your ship like a seed, making it grow and shrink, move left and right, and destroy the other ship as you can go as a story.

The graphics in this game are the best of all the games listed. The sound and control features are also quite good. This game is not in the Play Store. So, you have to download this game from the website or Apk. So, you have to download apk from the link below.


3. One Piece Bounty Rush

Pirate Games Pc

Pirate Games Pc : One Piece Bounty Rush – Image Via Buddysystemgames.Com

One Piece bounty rush is the best pirate-themed game available. One Piece is an extremely popular anime in which the main character, Luffy, aspires to become the pirate king. One Piece bounty rush is a 2023-made pirate RPG. It was like the anime One Piece.

Here, instead of driving a ship, you will fight pirates by taking on the roles of Luffy, Sanji, Zoro, and other characters. The more battles you fight, the more treasures you will get.

Battles are 4v4, games last 3 minutes, and the main goal is to find all five treasures on the map. The rewards you get depend on the treasures you find.


4. Tempest: Pirate Action RPG Premium

Best Pirate Games

Best Pirate Games : Tempest Pirate Action RPG Premium – Image Via Buddy System Games

If you want the best RPG, then you might like it. Tempest: Pirate Action RPG Premium is one of Android’s most realistic pirate games. This game also has a lot of different and unique realistic features.

The plot of Pirate of the Caribbean is in the premium game Tempest: Pirate Action RPG. Here, you’ll start with a low-level ship and a crew. To become the most feared Pirate on the Sea, you must go on a mission, fight other ships and pirates, earn more gold and treasure, explore the map, trade and help people, build your base, take over a city, or do whatever else you can. In this game, you can also find the Octopus from the movie and other villains and famous ships.

The graphics are very high quality and look natural. This game was also top-rated even in 2023. Since it’s Premium, you must pay for this game in Playstore or get it free from third-party sites.


5. Pirate King

Pirate King is also a unique pirate game for Android. This is a game where you build up your place or a city. This is the best game for killing time when you are bored.

In this game, you start as a newbie and have to spin the wheel to get money, attack, defense, and other things. This is also the best pirate game for Android that you can find in the Play Store.

You must build up your city and your ship and fill your town with pirates who can attack other cities and defend your own. You have to do things according to what the spinning wheel says.

The graphics are 2D and of good quality, and the sound and controls are better than you might think.


6. Pirate code-PvP battle at Sea

Pirate code-PvP Battle at the Sea is the best pirate game for Android in 2023. This game is played online and has multiplayer PvP features where you can fight with other players worldwide.

In this game, you’re a newbie, so they’ll teach you some lazy, boring tutorials. Then you can fight other online players to get coins and improve your ship. The main goal of this game is to play with other people, upgrade your ship, buy a new ship, and become the king of the Sea.

This is an entertaining and addicting multiplayer game. This game’s graphics and other things are lovely, and it doesn’t lag even on low-end devices.


7. The Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End

One of Android’s best offline pirate games is Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. You’ll need PPSSPP Emulator to play this game. The adventure and action video game Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End is narrative-driven.

If you liked the “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End” movie, you would love this game. You play Captain Jack Sparrow and other characters like William Turner in this game. Based on the story, you go on an adventure and fight other pirates and bosses.

The story of two Pirate of the Caribbean movies is in this single game. Also, you won’t get to steer a ship in this game.

The graphics quality is high depending on the device you’re using to play on the ppsspp emulator. However, this game will give you the best pirate gaming experience.


8. Pirates of the Caribbean: OnW

Pirates of the Caribbean: ToW is an offline pirate game for Android devices. This game is similar to the “Pirate King” I discussed above.

In this game, you will fight and get stronger. You have to choose a character like Jack Sparrow in this game. A worker will teach you, and you can get their fighting off the Pirate and a little story-based.

The graphics of this game are excellent and friendly. The sound and controls, as well as other parts, are better than you think.


9. Ships of Battle: An Age of Pirates

Ships of Battle: Age of Pirates is Android’s best pirate ship game. This game is the best if you like to destroy ships.

In this game, you are taught by a bot how to control, shoot, and kill enemies. As far as Android pirate games go, this one is tops. You can trade, upgrade your shop, and buy a new ship.

You can also move the ship quickly to different places using the map. The graphics in this game are excellent, and it’s easy to play.


10. Plagues of the Dead, from The Pirate

The action-adventure video game Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End is story-driven.

In this game, you will start as a low-class pirate. A bot will teach you how to control a ship and how to destroy a boat.

You can get binoculars, a map, speed, a steering wheel, a slide to change speed, different ways to shoot, and more. You can also walk to the island to find the treasure. A treasure gives you money that you can use to buy and upgrade different tools.

You will also be given a task or story to finish. The graphics are in 3D, the sound isn’t too bad, and the controls work well.


11. Pirate Outlaws

Pirate Outlaws is the best pirate game of 2023. Pirate Outlaws is an adventure card game like solitaire, but it’s different. You play pirates in this game and fight various enemies, starting from level 1. You’ll get other cards and characters.

When the battle starts in the best pirate games for Android, you have to make a plan and choose a card to attack and defend, which helps you beat the enemy.

You will also get an excellent multiplayer feature. The graphics and other parts of this game are good.



Well, gamers, you will like these best pirate games for Android in 2023. Play these newest best pirate games and have fun.