10 Best Test Match Cricket Game Series to Play on Android and iOS Phones

Are you searching for anything along the lines of “best test match cricket game for mobile phone” or something similar? Then you might be bored and look for the best online test match cricket game on your Android phone or IOS device.

Now that you’ve waited long enough, I’ll tell you about the best real-life cricket games you can download to your smartphone. Both Apple IOS and Android phones can download and play cricket.

Thus, maximize what remains.

List of the Best Cricket Test Match Phone Games

Here are the best cricket games with 3D and full HD animation that you can play online or off. Most apps on this list can be played with more than one person. Now you can play cricket with your friends on the phone, head to head.

Take advantage of the last chance to play a virtual IPL T20 cricket tournament game with great graphics that feel like the real thing.

1.     Real Cricket -Test Match

First on our list of the best cricket game apps is Real Cricket: Test Match Game. This software is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones.

You can play a Test cricket match between players from 10 different countries on this game app. Yes, you can get the real Test match cricket experience on your phone here.

Also, you can see real 2D graphics of cricket fields that are all white. This cricket game app for Android is full of interesting features and ideas. A batsman, for example, can hit 27 different shots all over the ground.

The google play store gives this app a 3.7 out of 5. You can play this game and tell us what you think.

2.     The World Cup of Cricket 3

This app has the most positive reviews among cricket games. Suppose you want a visually rich experience and want to immerse yourself in a game. I’m sure that cricket game is fun for you.

World Cricket Championship 3 has full HD graphics and a multiplayer mode, and you can even record cricket players as they move in real-time. In every game app, there are great and exciting features.

WCC3 is the app that won Google’s Best of 2020 for Android. Fans of cricket can play the Test match series, ODI, World Cup, and many other games.

When you play games on your phone, control is very important. The control panel for games and players in WCC3 is an excellent way to make money.

On the Google Play Store, this app scores 4.2 out of 5. You can also get WCC3 from the Apple App Store.

Extra features include:

  • Live professional commentary
  • Both cooperation and rivalry are encouraged while playing.
  • A customizable play style
  • A 360-degree view of the field and shots
  • A career mode.

There are paid and free options in the app. More than 10 million of them exist now. It’s a very large number.

3.     World Cricket Battle 2

Creative Monkey Games makes and sells World Cricket Battle 2 (WCB2). If you want a realistic 3D cricket game for your phone, give this one a try.

It’s a good idea for all players, no matter how much RAM their phone has. You can play WCB2 with at least 2 GB of RAM, but you need at least 60 MB of storage.

When I tried to play this game on my phone, the graphics were okay. I only played one Twenty20 game as a test. What are your opinions on the second season of WCB? Please share your thoughts.

This WCB2 app gives you good graphics, the chance to play as many tournaments as you want, a free auction to choose players, and a multiplayer mode, which I have yet to try.

Extra features include:

  • Real-time multiplayer batting
  • More than 60 batting strokes
  • 10+ bowling actions
  • Choose your favourite player in the auction
  • AI that adjusts the game’s difficulty in real-time
  • You can play in leagues like PSL T20, Big Bash, BPL, etc.
  • Changes in the weather happen in real-time. Drink breaks and change the bat and ball during a game.
  • The Google Play Store gives this cricket game app a 4 out of 5.

4.     The Great Cricket

This cricket game is for people who like Epic games as much as I do. It has high-definition graphics and needs a phone with a lot of storage and an excellent processor to play.

If you only want to play T20 and ODI matches, Epic Cricket: Big League Game is the best choice. It’s for more than just big cricket tournaments and Test matches.

But even so, you will all enjoy the game because it has clear graphics, an easy-to-use control panel, different teams to choose from, and the freedom to play whenever you want.

The graphics in this game are much better than those in the other games. So it took up about 685 megabytes of your storage space. With a 4.1 rating, it’s more fun to play, and the app’s creators say it runs at a high FPS (Frame per second).

You can change how your cricket team dresses and pick your favourite players while playing.

Extra features include:

  • Live ECPL Auction
  • Major cricketing nations worldwide
  • Real 3D faces of players
  • No 360-degree shot view
  • A squad with only so many members.
  • Improved DR’s replay
  • Sharper drop animation for catches
  • Players’ emotions and actions

You can only get this game from the Google Play Store. The Apple App Store doesn’t have it.

5.     WCC Lite

This is a simplified version of World Cricket Championship 3 or WCC3. This one was made by the same developer and is also for sale.

Under this app, you can play T20 matches, Test cricket matches, ODI matches, and world cups with low graphics and the lite version.

This WCC Lite is available in English, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam.

As I told you, it’s a small app that only takes up 60 MB of space on your phone and needs at least 1 GB of RAM to run well. On the other hand, Apple devices require at least 216 MB of space.

This game works fine on my old smartphone, which has 2 GB of RAM. I wouldn’t say I liked the graphics or how the players were made to look. But you don’t care about how things look. Will this one work?

Extra features include:

  • You can change the playing XI
  • The graphics are light
  • The SuperOver tournament is included
  • Play with others.
  • The game is localized into a number of other languages.
  • Ultra Edge detect

On the Google Play store, the World Cricket Championship has a score of 4 out of 5; on the Apple App store, it has a score of 4.3.

6.     Throw the cricket

Smash cricket is another app on my list of the best smartphone cricket games. There are a few ways to play in Smash cricket.

Even if you don’t bowl, you only have one way to bat. With a 20 MB game on the Play Store, we shouldn’t expect too much. It is the best cricket game for kids, and you can use it to kill time.

There are both online and offline ways to play. It allows you to interact with other players in online games. You can play in offline mode if you want to.

The game has 3D Full HD graphics, but it could be better.

  • Contains access options for both online and offline use.
  • 6 different tournament
  • 6 Unique game mode
  • Taking part in a game that involves many players
  • Teach your team

Smash Cricket can only be played on low-end Android phones.

7.     Sachin Saga: Champions of Cricket

If you’re a big fan of the famous Indian cricket player Sachin Tendulkar and like how he bats, you might be interested. It would be best if you gave Sachin Saga Cricket Champions a shot.

With this app, you can live out your dream of being Sachin Tendulkar. You can play and win the virtual trophy in T20, ODI, Test series, and other cricket premier leagues.

You could even play in Sachin’s famous cricket games in the same stadium where he played.

They have a unique feature called “manual catches,” rare or rarely found in other apps, and a “wicket replay” mode that looks great.

Extra features include:

  • Manual catches
  • The ability to play as Sachin in his most famous games
  • Real-time multiplayer
  • A booster to help you score more runs.

This game is only 62 MB on Android phones, but it takes up 596 MB on IOS devices. But both Android and IOS users are very happy with the rating.

8.     CSK Battle of Chepauk II

In the Indian Premier League cricket tournament, CSK is a franchise team. You watch way too many IPL games. Which team do you like best? Please comment.

By the way, in the IPL, I like RCB and Mumbai Indians. But MS Dhoni is an excellent cricket player and leader. What if you play a high-quality IPL match on your cell phone?

Yes, you can play online cricket matches with the CSK team on your phone with the CSK Battle of Chepauk. You can choose your team of 11 players and play against real rival teams.

But yes, it’s only for T20 cricket and the IPL. Super Over, Super Match, Super Multiplayer, and Super Card Clashers are all being added.

The 3D-animated model of a player is acceptable and looks almost real. But some things could be improved in the colours and designs of cricket fields and stadiums.

Since there are no bowlers, you can only choose all-rounders and batsmen for your team.

Extra features include:

  • You may pick your team, there are five different game modes
  • The fundamentals of how to play may be picked up really quickly.
  • Online multiplayer games are limited to five players
  • Game types vary.

If you like and support the CSK team, try this game because it has the highest rating on the Google Play Store: 4.4 out of 5. Other users also like this realistic IPL cricket game.

9.     The Game of Gully Cricket

Gully Cricket is another awesome game on the Google Play store. It makes you think of when you used to play cricket on the local pitch or in your neighbour’s gully.

The people who make the game do everything they can to make it feel like real cricket. You can play gully cricket against other people and play tournament games with them.

You can play with your team in Arcade Mode, Cricket Tournament Mode, and Gully Ka Raja.

The rules and ways to play change in each mode so that the Gully cricket match is the best it can be. One of the unique modes is Gully Ka Raja, in which you have to compete with the other team to win the title of “Gully Ka Raja.”

Their 3D animation could be better, but it is very interesting and different. Aside from a cricket pitch, players can see other animated objects for extra stuff.

This is a great game that the kids will like playing. One thing that will be annoying is ads that play over and over again on the screen.

Extra Features:

  • Unique concepts
  • Awesome animation
  • There are more than 130 tournaments to choose from
  • Statistics are recorded.
  • Sounds like real life
  • Play offline

10. Live Stick Cricket

Stick Sports limited offers Stick Cricket Live for both Android and Apple IOS. It’s a cricket game that looks like a cartoon and has good animation you can watch.

You can choose your team like in other apps, but the rewards and coins you get are new. Players can open up as many places to play as they want.

You can improve your bats and bowling with the different rewards you earn.

Extra features include:

  • You get rewards when you win
  • You can use coins to upgrade your bats and balls
  • Single-on-one competition is an option.
  • It’s portable, so you can take it with you to other locations to play.

If you like cricket, you must select all of these games. I hope you enjoy this post about the best online Test match cricket series games on the Play Store and the Apple IOS store. All of these cricket games are different and have special features.